Update Notes 3/21/2023

Hello everyone!

As we continue to work on mobile / tablet responsive layouts and additional styling polish, a new build went out earlier today with some minor updates, plus a couple of character data-related but not necessarily builder or sheet-related updates with two new listing types for the Game Compendium.


  • Weapon Traits for Agile, Finesse, and Propulsive now apply bonuses for attacks and damages based on traits and some fixes to items not calculating correctly.
  • Notes added for Outwit Ranger class feature to the appropriate drawers

Bug Fixes:

  • Class Features or Feats that grant selection of a feat got an overhaul to provide correct refined options to select.
  • Shield Icon on sheet opens your shield, was opening minimal information before but is now a fully fledged drawer.

Game Compendium:

  • The Conditions Listing and the “Rules Index” Listing are now live.
    • These have not been added to the Game Rules menu yet, but they can be accessed at /conditions and /rules. The Rules Index is not comprehensive yet, but more rules / mechanics will be added throughout Early Access.

We’ll be back later this week with more. Thanks all!