Update Notes 3/7/2023

Hello everyone!

A new build went out just now with several updates to class features for the Fighter, Rogue, and Wizard, plus the all-important tracking of the alpha modal confirmation where you won’t have to see my smiling face every time you go to the builder. :grinning:


  • Work continues on Mobile and Tablet display for Builder and Sheet. These are two projects and can be released independent of the other.
  • Resolved an issue impacting cantrips that dealt flat damage at low levels. These cantrips should no longer display an error message in the roller.
  • The Builder’s Alpha Modal that prompts acceptance remains closed once you’ve accepted it.
  • Notes have been reactivated for use. You are now able to type notes in drawers and hit ‘enter’ to save. We still need to reinsert the secondary menu (which allows for editing and removing the comment), but wanted to get this first pass out today.
  • Spell slots of a given level can now be filled with any spell that level or lower. We continue working on the damage calculation logic that ensures a spell selected utilizes the highest allowed heightened effect.
  • Weapon Attacks calculations are now broken out for display.

Fighter Class Support

  • Combat Flexibility now allows selection of feats in the Builder. If you’re on the character sheet, you can navigate to the Builder by selecting your portrait on the Sheet.
  • Weapon Legend now allows users to select which Weapon Group to improve.

Rogue Class Support

  • Initial Proficiencies appear as a feature.
  • Rogue Skill Feats are now appearing at every level.
  • Debilitating Strike and Master Strike now appears in the Actions & Activities panel as an attack (in addition to the Feats & Features tab).
  • The Rogue’s Skill Increase class feature now appears at every level after Level 2.
  • The Ruffian Racket no longer immediately grants Master level armor proficiencies.

Wizard Class Support

  • Initial Proficiencies appear as a class feature and are now applied correctly.
  • Resolved issues with the number of Level 3 spell slots duplicating.
  • Magical Fortitude correct sets the Fortitude Saving Throw proficiency level to Expert.


We’ll be back with more later this week. Thanks for your help and participation in the Closed Alpha!