Update Notes 4/12/2023

Hello everyone!

A new build went out earlier today that include our first pass of mobile / tablet / responsive layout updates. While we’re not done in that vein, I can say that now is the time where we will say that you can indeed start trying to use the builder and character sheet on your phone or tablet, and we will now start paying attention to the feedback on that front. Keep in mind that this does not yet include a full pass on edge cases in non-Chrome browsers (but that is coming soon).

In addition to the responsive layout work, we have a spell heightening update and continued visual styling polish that you’ll see more and more of in the coming days (especially in sidebar drawers).

Full update notes below:

General Updates

  • Our initial responsive layout is now live for alpha feedback.
    • Today’s release includes mobile, tablet, and laptop support
  • Item thumbnails are now shown on the Equipment tab of the Character Sheet.
  • We have implemented the first wave of Heightened Spell support. In addition to reflecting heightened damages, heightened spells will also call out their unique effects in spell drawers. Additional support for Heightened Spell scenarios will follow.
  • Players can now track shield Hit Points in the shield drawer.
  • Resolved an issue where unarmored proficiency rank was not displayed correctly.
  • Continued visual styling polish updates throughout the digital character sheet (more incoming)

Class / Class Feature Updates

  • We resolved an issue where the Sorcerer’s spellcasting proficiency rank remained trained despite advancement.
  • We updated several Alchemist class features, including breaking out the benefits granted by the level 1 “Alchemy” feature and adding “Quick Alchemy” to the list of actions available on the character sheet.

While we can’t ever tell the future, we are starting to get into that “we feel within a couple of months” feel for the Open Beta, so that’s pretty much a home stretch in software development.

Thanks once again for all your help in the Closed Alpha…we wouldn’t be where we are without you!