Update Notes 4/26/2023

Hello everyone!

We’ve got a MASSIVE new build out for the Pathfinder NEXUS character tools Closed Alpha as we are starting to tighten things up in preparation for the public Open Beta. The update notes are available below:

Performance Updates

  • Load times for higher level characters should be between 40-60% faster.
  • We’ve placed significant effort into cleaning up our old Prerequisites system. As a result, you will notice considerable improvements to the usability of the various feat selection columns.
  • To set the stage for upcoming content releases and backend performance updates, we have made several tweaks to populating the builder. These tweaks reduce the responsiveness of the builder when building high-level characters. We are aware of this and are working towards various improvements.
  • Along with Prerequisite efforts, we have resolved several issues related to feats granted by traits. Feats requiring a character to have specific traits should now be processed correctly (for example, Half-Orc and Half-Elf feats granted by their respective Human Heritages should appear as Human Ancestry feats).

Archetype Updates

  • While Dedication feats have been available since the beginning of our Closed Alpha, we have now enabled broad Archetype support.

  • Known Issue: We seek assistance in identifying any odd behaviors that may arise from using dedication feats. As a result, we are not currently enforcing the “Special” text present in most Archetype Dedication feats (" Special You cannot select another dedication feat until you have gained two other feats from the XYZ archetype.")

  • Characters who select the Barbarian Dedication feat can now choose their Instinct and receive the associated benefits.

  • Characters who select the Bard Dedication feat can now choose their Muse and receive the associated benefits.

  • Characters who select the Cleric Dedication feat can now choose their Deity and receive the associated benefits.

  • Characters who select the Oracle Dedication feat can now choose their Mystery and receive the associated benefits.

  • Characters who select the Witch Dedication feat can now choose their Patron and receive the associated benefits (Note: Familiar work is still pending, so Witch-related spellcasting temporarily utilizes the Wizard’s “Spellbook” feature).

  • Actions granted by Archetypes now correctly display compendium information in their sidebar.

Builder Updates

  • We’ve replaced the “1 Selection” labels in the builder with your selection. That should reduce the guesswork of trying to recall what it was that 1 Selection represented.

    • Deity selection now impacts Champion character choices. Our next stop is Cleric (where you can currently select your Deity).

      • This includes passing along enhancements to Deific Weapons.
      • Work continues at the intersection of spells and deities
  • Each Class now has an “Initial Proficiencies” section that displays a Character’s proficiency ranks granted by the class at Level 1.

  • Various styling updates.

  • When appropriate, characters will receive a ‘free’ skill training choice when they are granted proficiency in a skill in which they are already proficient.

  • We now display when spellcasting characters receive new spells in the Class Progression section.

Sheet Updates

  • If you try to sneak a Character Sheet in without entering a name, we call you the “Nameless Wanderer.” Pretty badass for a character that didn’t have a name 5 seconds ago.

  • You can now track Currency on our Pathfinder 2e Character sheet.

    • To edit your currency pouch, select the currency component in the “Equipment” tab (or the “Add Item” drawer).
  • Ranged weapons now correctly use your Dexterity modifier to calculate attack roll (sorry about that).

  • Lore Skills granted by Backgrounds, Feats, Class Features, etc, now appear on your character sheet.

    • Note: We are continuing work on an issue where some feats grant a specific Lore skill, but the proficiency level is incorrect (or is not set at all).
  • Selecting your equipped shield or equipped armor now correctly displays the Armor and Shield drawer.

  • Users can now edit Shield HP in the Shield Drawer.

    • Access the shield drawer by clicking the shield in your equipment tab or by selecting the Shield Icon in the “Armor Class” section after you equip your shield.
  • All character’s now have a “Fist” attack.

    • If you wish to hide this attack, select the gear button in the top right of the Actions & Activities drawer and toggle off the “Fist” row.
  • We have started to implement the ability to perform in-sheet editing of certain fields. You can now override Ability Scores & Modifiers, Armor Class, Max Hit Points, Saving Throws, Skills, and Speeds.

    • Known Issue: We’re resolving a visual bug when editing Perception. It will not impact your character, but we just wanted you to know before you, well, perceived it.
  • We’ve introduced a redesign to the Signature Spell selection process on the sheet’s “Spell” tab.

    • To select a Signature Spell, first set your repertoire spells and then select your Signature Spell for each spell level.
  • Resolved an issue with Ranged Attack bonuses inadvertently appearing in the “Add Item” drawer. Unfortunately, you will no longer know the ranged attack modifier of throwing boots.

  • While not yet completed, we’re releasing the first draft of Rune Management. Select a weapon or armor from your Equipment tab to open the item’s drawer and set runes.

  • Resolved an issue with applying and removing Conditions in the Condition Drawer.

Ancestry Updates

  • Human

    • The Human’s Versatile Heritage feat was experiencing display issues. This has been resolved.
  • Catfolks

    • The Clawed Catfolk Heritage now adds Claw attacks. Meow!

Class Updates

  • Alchemist

    • Enabled advanced support of the Alchemist’s “Research Field” class feature chain.

    • Formula-related work remains in development.

  • Bard

    • We resolved an issue keeping the Bard’s ‘Light Armor Expertise’ feature appearing at Level 13. You may now return to rushing headfirst into combat.
    • Bards now correctly gain three Level 8 Spell Rows at Level 16+.
    • Level 19 Bards now receive two spell rows to add their two Level 10 spells to their repertoire.
  • Champion

    • We separated the Champion’s “Deity and Cause” class feature into two character choices: Deity and - wait for it! - Cause.
    • The Antipaladin Cause’s “Destructive Vengeance” reaction also now appears in the Skills & Actions section.
    • The Desecrator Cause’s “Selfish Shield” reaction now correctly appears in the Skills & Actions section.
    • We’ve implemented new support for the Champion’s Divine Smite (L9) and Exalt (L11) class features.
  • Cleric

    • Deities now grant corresponding spells, skills, and training in their favored weapons.
  • Druid

    • We have resolved an issue where choosing a Druid Order crashed the builder.
    • Druid’s inadvertently received Lightning Reflexes at both Level 5 and Level 11. We’ve corrected this.
    • We’ve added in the Druid’s Level 13 “Weapon Specialization” class feature.
    • The Druid’s Spell Layout has been cleaned up.
  • Fighter

    • Previously, users could not view the Fighter’s Initial Proficiencies in the builder. This was due to the Fighter’s Level One “Skill Training” selection. We’ve separated this skill training choice into a new row and resolved the issue.
  • Monk

    • Implemented advanced support for the Monk’s “Paths to Perfection” chain of class features.
  • Oracle

    • The Oracle’s level 20 feat selection was coming back empty. This has been resolved.
    • Correctly implemented the L19 “Oracular Clarity” class feature.
    • After selecting an Oracle Mystery, you are prompted to choose a domain and receive its initial spell.
  • Ranger

    • Enabled advanced support of the Ranger’s Hunter’s Edge class feature chain.
    • The Ranger’s “Precision” class feature now includes rollable damage as the character progresses.
    • Flurry correct reduces Multiple Attack Penalties.
  • Rogue

    • Added Sneak Attack Damage and Action details to the Actions & Activities panel and Sneak Attack drawer.
  • Sorcerer

    • We resolved an issue where some Sorcerer’s spellcasting proficiency rank would never exceed ‘Trained’
    • Correctly balanced the Sorcerer’s Bloodline spells and the number of spell rows available for Spell Repertoire selection.
  • Swashbuckler

    • The Swashbuckler’s Level 7 Class Features - Evasion and Weapon Specialization - and Level 8 Feat Selection table have returned from Spring Break and are back in the builder.
    • Precise Strike now appears in the “Actions & Activities” panel, allowing damage rolls.
  • Witch

    • The Witch’s level 17 benefits from Resolve were incorrectly being attributed to the Level 15 Master Spellcaster feature. This has been corrected.
    • Patron choices now register in the Class Options section.
    • We have removed an errant option that allowed a user to choose which Patron skill to train (instead of selecting a Patron and gaining proficiency in that Patron’s specific skill).
    • Witches now correctly have Level 10 Spell Rows. Halloween is going to be great this year!
    • Your Patron’s spellcasting tradition will now appropriately filter spells in the “Add Spell” drawer.
    • You are now correctly prompted to choose a Summoning spell when selecting the ‘Wild’ Patron. This choice is definitely a test, and the correct answer is absolutely Summon Fungus.
    • Witch Lesson support is now enabled. Selecting a Lesson should grant the corresponding spell to your character.

Spell & Item Specific Updates

  • Divine Lance damage now heightens appropriately. Pick your alignment and lance away.
  • Acid Splash heightened damage has been reduced. Too much acid is generally not good.
  • We used Admonishing Ray to admonish Admonishing Ray, and now you can finally add Admonishing Ray to your character sheet.
  • Rose’s Thorn was not loading onto the Character Sheet. Viola. Issue resolved.
  • Aqueous Blast was not displaying damage on Character Sheets. Now it is. Nice try, Aqueous Blast.
  • Several Focus Spells were updated.

We’re going to continue to add more and more as we near the time for releasing this to the wild, including some visual updates to the builder and sheet, as well as stress testing stability and adding more content coverage.

More soon, thanks!


Hi there, has something happened 'til this Update. Because i just transfered my Flurry Ranger onto the Nexus, but he has the normal -5/-10 MAP for his Attacks instead of the -3/-6. Or must I toggle this somewhere?

Thanks beforehand for your Reply.

Thanks for reporting this. We released a new version of the tools in December, which is likely part of this issue. We’ll take a look and get that updated. :slight_smile: