Update Notes 4/4/2023

Hello everyone!

A new Closed Alpha build went out earlier today that had a variety of tweaks and updates. Details below!

Class / Class Feature Updates

  • We’ve aggregated all of the Class Feature-related choices tied to a Barbarian’s Instinct into a single row in the Feats & Features section of the Character Sheet.
  • The Ranger’s “Hunter’s Edge” Class Feature has now been consolidated into a single location on the Character Sheet.
  • Added Contextual Details about each Class Feature choice in the Character Builder
  • Enabled Witch Class’ Patron selection
  • Alchemist Class Proficiency is now added to the attack rolls for Alchemical Bombs.

Item-Related Updates

  • Bombs Away! Alchemical Bombs from the Core Rulebook now appear as Ranged Attack rolls when they are equipped.
  • Item Bonuses to Attack for alchemical items are calculated.
  • The multiple damage types of various Alchemical Items now display in the damage drop downs (Persistent Damage, Strike Damage, Splash Damage, etc.)

Spell-Related Updates

  • Resolved an issue with Spell Damages not appearing for some users
  • Implemented a first pass at heightening spells.
    • Cantrips should now scale according to Character Level.

Visual / Styling Updates

  • Completed the first pass of Character Sheet styling clean up and polish.
    • Consistency, standardized components
    • Accessibility for buttons / tap space
    • Desktop - sheet bottom section scaling / scrolling

There’s plenty more to come as we hurtle toward our inevitable destiny with the Open Beta - we’re excited to see the traction and progress.

Thanks again for all the feedback, participation, and support in the Closed Alpha - we wouldn’t be making the aforementioned progress without you!