Update Notes 5/11/2023

Hello everyone!

A new build went out earlier today - the update notes are listed below.

I also wanted to briefly share some light data on the performance updates referenced in the notes for the builder. With this release, the work the team has done achieved the following:

We’ve got more performance optimization incoming, but we took some major strides in the last few weeks as we get ready for the incoming Open Beta!

5/11/2023 Release Updates

Builder Updates

  • Various Performance Updates (30-50% improvement in load times)
  • Resolved an issue where creating a new character would adopt properties of prior characters when using a browser’s ‘Back’ button to navigate.
  • You should now be sent to the top of the list when you advance to a new page of feats or features.
  • Resolved an issue with some users being unable to apply Ability Boosts to Characters of Level 10 and higher.
  • KNOWN ISSUE: There are several known Firefox issues that we’re looking into.

Sheet Updates

  • Various Performance Updates (30-45% improvement in load times)
  • Connected Compendium Entries to various drawers that were missing them.
  • Add the ability for users to take notes in drawers where support was previously offered.
  • Additionally, we have re-enabled the ability for users to delete in-drawer notes. What notes giveth, they may also taketh.
  • Adding Spell Scrolls, Wands, and several other items (such as Spellstrike Ammunition) to your inventory will trigger a spell slot in your character’s “Spells” tab. You can use this to set the spell of the given scroll, wand, etc.
  • KNOWN ISSUE: We are aware of an issue where characters without a spellcasting feature are not seeing the spell slot of the given item.

Class Specific Updates

  • Barbarian

    • Resolved an issue where attacks granted by the Barbarian’s Animal Instinct items did not appear on the Character Sheet.
  • Bard

    • The Bardic Lore feat now correctly sets the proficiency of the granted Lore Skill.
  • Druid

    • Resolved an issue with the “Order Explorer” feat, which offers a player choice between multiple Druidic Orders.
    • The Fey Caller feat now adds a non-primal Spell list to the Druid’s list of choices.
  • Oracle

    • The Oracle’s Divine Access feat now grants a spell selection.
  • Rogue

    • Added guidance in the Rogue’s “Key Ability” empty state to inform users to select a Rogue’s Racket to set their Key Ability score.
  • Sorcerer

    • Resolved an issue where a Sorcerer’s Ability Modifier was not being used to calculate spell attack bonuses.
    • The Sorcerer’s Divine Evolution feat is now supported.
  • Swashbuckler

    • Resolved an issue regarding the “Stylish Tricks” class feature.
  • Witch

    • Several class features were updated (too much to go into too much detail on, but try things out with the witch now)
  • Wizard

    • The Abjuration Wizard’s focus spells are now added to the Spellcasting tab when the Abjuration school is selected.

Feat-Specific Updates

  • Martial Artist Dedication now increases the damage size of the character’s fists.
  • Shadowdancer Dedication now grants Darkvision.
  • Added notes to Feats or Features that grant low-light vision or dark vision trigger reminders/notes across your character sheet.
  • The Arcane Sense feat now adds the Detect Magic spell at level 1.
  • Dragon Disciple Dedication now prompts the user to make a Dragon Color choice.
  • Cantrip Expansion feats now appropriately add two more cantrips.
  • All Kobolds are now prompted to select their Draconic Exemplar.
  • The Archer Dedication now sets the correct proficiency when using Bows.
  • The Sentinel Dedication correctly updates Armor Proficiency.
  • The Mauler Dedication now grants and improves proficiency in 2-handed weapons.
  • We’ve completed a great deal of work surrounding spellcasting features and capabilities granted by Archetypes.


More incoming next week!