Update Notes 5/24/2023

Hello everyone!

We got off to a great start yesterday - thanks for jumping in with us in the Open Beta. A new build went out today, and the update notes are available below.

Release Notes for 5/24

Platform-related Updates
We had an elusive issue that was causing some users to experience a crash when viewing feats in the Character Builder. This issue has been resolved.There was an issue that impacted visitors creating accounts during our release yesterday. This issue has been resolved. If any issues persist, please reach out, and we’ll assist.Additional Variant Rule Support
Given the repeated request for additional Variant Rule support, we’ve added support for the following variant rules.

  • Proficiency Without Level

    • You can toggle this rule in the “Preferences & Rules” section of the builder.
    • After activating the “Proficiency Without Level” variant rule, a new option will appear, allowing you also to set the option of using -2 for Untrained skills.
  • Ancestry Paragon

    • Instead of starting with one Ancestry feat and gaining another at 5th, 9th, 13th, and 17th levels, characters built using the Ancestry Paragon variant rule start with two ancestry feats and gain another at every odd level after that (3rd, 5th, 7th, 9th, and so on).

Ancestry Updates

  • Warmarch Hobgoblins now have a note in their “Subsist” skill action drawer highlighting their ability to stay fed with poor meals on a failure. You won’t win Iron Chef with that attitude, but I guess it’s better than nothing.
  • When selected, the Level 13 “Webslinger” Ancestry feat adds the “Web” spell.

Archetype Updates

  • We have added support for the Ritualist Archetype.

    • Characters will learn two uncommon rituals upon selection. The two rituals appear as empty spell rows in your Character Sheet (under “Spells”). Select one of the blank spell rows to choose your ritual.
    • Characters learn another ritual at the 8th level and every four levels after. These additional spells appear as empty spell rows.

Background Updates

  • The Propaganda Promotor Background now correctly asks for the user to choose between Acrobatics or Performance (Thanks: AKA_Kira)

Class Updates

  • Alchemist

    • The Far Lobber feat now updates the range increments of alchemical bombs (from 20 feet to 30 feet).
  • Barbarian

    • Raging Intimidation now grants the “Intimidating Glare” and “Scare to Death” feats when your character meets their prerequisites.
  • Gunslinger

    • The Gunslinger’s “Unseen Passage” feat now heightens Pass Without Trave to a spell level equal to half your character level, rounded up.
  • Inventor

    • Resolved an issue with the Inventor’s Overdrive damage where the build-up was correct, but the rollable damage bonus was not.
    • We added a note to the Level 8 “Manifold Modifications” feat if - for some reason - you pick the feat before selecting an Innovation.
    • The Level 14 “Soaring Armor” feat now adds a flying speed. You may complete your ‘Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Ghoul Hide’ build.
  • Magus

    • The team updated 30+ Magus class feats to determine whether your character meets the Prerequisites.
  • Rogue

    • The Eldritch Trickster Racket now grants a Magical Trickster Rogue feat at their 2nd Character level.
  • Summoner

    • We released a significant update to the Summoner’s Spellcasting Feature.

    • Unlike other spellcasters who pick their spells by level, the Summoner chooses them from a pool of available spells rows. Since Summoners heighten all spells at Level 3, any spell selected from that point forward will appear in their available heightened states.

  • Thaumaturge

    • Selecting “Regalia” as an implement now displays a “Regalia” Class Feature in your Action & Activities panel for quick reference. You no longer have to choose between fighting evil and looking fantastic!

Feat & Features Updates

  • The Dragon Disciple, Duelist, and Weapon Improviser Dedications should now all accurately display whether your character meets their Prerequisites.

  • The following Skill feats now reflect the accurate Prerequisites:

    • Additional Lore
    • Assurance
    • Dubious Knowledge
    • Experienced Professional
    • Shameless Request
  • We decided to add rollable fields instead of making you hunt through skills and skill actions for the following feats:

    • Charlatan (Added Deception roll)
    • Concealing Legerdemain (Thievery roll)
    • Courtly Graces (Society roll)
    • Crystal Healing (Occultism roll)
    • Deceptive Worship (Occultism roll)
    • Forensic Acumen (Medicine roll)
    • Impressive Performance (Performance roll)
    • Intimidating Glare (Intimidation roll)
    • Medical Researcher (Medicine roll)
    • Schooled in Secrets (Occultism roll)
    • Streetwise (Society roll)
    • Extort the Faithful (Religion +2 roll)


  • The Shield cantrip was missing in several places. We’ve fixed that.

We’ll be back with more soon. Thanks again for all your help in making the Pathfinder character tools everything they’re going to be!


Just a quick note - in the Character creator deities list Sarenrae’s alignment is listed as “NE”. I assuming it should be “NG” or similar. The beta is looking great!

Sarenrae’s corruption has been cleansed :wink: Thanks for catching that!