Update Notes 5/25/2023

Hello everyone!

A new build just went out - update notes are below. Onward and upward!

5/25 Release Notes Ancestry Updates

  • Automaton & Fleshwarp Ancestries allow users to choose their Character’s size (Small or Medium).
  • The Human Ancestry’s default ability score boost has the same practical impact as Paizo’s alternative “2 Boost” rule, so we distilled these two Ability Score boosts down to a single choice.
  • The Human’s “Adapted Cantrip” now registers Eldritch Trickster Rogue’s spellcasting benefits.
  • The Human’s “Adapted Adept” now correctly recognizes the “Adapted Adept” prerequisites.
  • We have updated the Monstrous Skeleton heritage’s unarmed damage support/selection flow.

Archetype Updates

  • Added full support for the Eldritch Archer dedication.

Class Updates

  • Psychic

    • The Psychic’s Level 10 “Signature Spell Expansion” feat now adds extra Psychic Signature Spells.
  • Rogue

    • The Rogue’s L2 “Minor Magic” feat now requests players to pick a magic school.
  • Sorcerer

    • Added in the Sorcerer’s Phoenix and Harrow Bloodlines.
  • Summoner

    • Resolved a visual issue where duplicate Summoner’s Spell DCs and Spell Attack rolls appeared in drawers.
  • Wizard

    • Fixed an issue where a Wizard’s spells would duplicate in their spellbook.

Feat Updates

  • We have reordered the way we list General Feats in the Builder.
  • We added a rollable Diplomacy modifier to the Bon Mot feat button.
  • We added a rollable Nature modifier to the Natural Medicine feat button.
  • We added a rollable Medicine modifier to the Battle Medicine feat button. We also added details about how the “Treat Wounds” action works in the Battle Medicine drawer.
  • We added a rollable Diplomacy modifier to the Bargain Hunter feat button. We also added the “Earn Income” skill action to Diplomacy.


We’ll be back with more soon. Thanks for the participation and help in the beta. It’s been a good week to get things rolling!