Update Notes 5/26/2023

Howdy howdy everyone!

A new build just went out, and while Adam takes a very well-deserved day off I’m happy to deliver you the update notes.

Background Updates

  • The Trailblazer background feat (Terrain Expertise) no longer permanently modifies the Survival Skill modifier and has been replaced with a note.

Class Updates



  • The level 14 “Conscious Spell Specialization” feat now adds spell slots of 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th levels to the Psychic’s spellcasting tab.

  • The character can use these spell slots to cast only a spell granted by their conscious mind.

  • At the 18th-level, the character will gain an additional 5th-level spell slot with the same restrictions.

Feats & Features Updates

  • The Acrobat feat “Quick Spring” now adds a relevant note to the ‘Tumble Through’ skill action.
  • The Acrobat feat “Graceful Leaper” now adds the ‘High Jump’ and ‘Long Jump’ skill actions under the Acrobatics skill.
  • The Archaeologist feat “Greater Magical Scholastics” will now automatically heighten the granted Nondetection spell.
  • The Archaeologist feat “Scholastic Identification” now adds the ‘Identify Magic’ skill action under the Society skill.
  • The Archer feat “Quick Shot” now adds an action button to the Character sheet.
  • The Archer feat “Advanced Bow Training” now improves the proficiency of advanced bows.
  • The Archer feat “Crossbow Terror” now adds a circumstance bonus to crossbows and increases simple crossbow die sizes.
  • The “Canny Acumen” feat now prompts the user to improve either a Saving Throw or Perception (and correctly increases the select option to Master proficiency at 17th level).

Other Updates

  • Spells with attack rolls that deal critical damage have had their damage drop-downs fixed and should work as intended.
  • Items with the Deadly and Fatal traits have had their damage drop-downs fixed and should now follow the rules.