Update Notes 5/30/2023

Hello everyone! A new build went out earlier today, and the update notes are found below.

Ancestry Updates

  • Users who use the Ancient Elf heritage to select the Sorcerer Dedication can now select from the Sorcerer’s bloodlines.

Class Updates

  • Fighter

  • If you have already trained Athletics and Acrobatics, you can now select a new skill from within the Fighter’s granted skill choice (instead of having to move around and remove either Athletics or Acrobatics from the original source).

  • Monk

  • The Monk’s Incredible Movement is now increasing their movement speed.

  • Psychic

  • Resolved an issue with the Psychic’s Level 14 “Conscious Spell Specialization” feat that was causing spell damage to heighten incorrectly.

  • Rogue

  • Eldritch Tricksters who select the Psychic dedication are now able to select their Key Ability Score and Ability Score Increase.

  • Rogues previously were blocked from selecting their ability boost until they selected a racket. We’ve set it so you can now apply the default ability boost without selecting a racket.


It’s been a great first week of the beta, so thank you for all the help testing and continued support.

More to come later this week. Cheers!