Update Notes 5/31/2023

Hello everyone - back today with a new build and update notes. Check them out below!

5/31 Release Notes Character Builder Updates

  • Cleaned up the Swashbuckler’s class brief.
  • Heritage entitlements were broken and now properly require users to own content in order to use them in character creation. Characters that currently use unowned heritages will not be impacted unless the heritage is removed.

Character Sheet Updates

  • Identified and applied a fix to issues tied to saving character sheet events.

  • Any Lore skills will now show the basic ‘Lore’ compendium entry when opening the drawer.

  • Added a Speed build-up in the Character Sheet speed drawer. Users can now see what components of speed are influencing their character.

  • Resolved an issue where heightened spells used in items did not show the correct impact of heightening.

    • We’re continuing to keep an eye on heightened spell damage and effects from magic items. Any additional support from users during their course of using the sheet is valued.

General Archetype Updates

  • Resolved an issue where “Expert Spellcasting”-type feats could not add multiple spell slots.

Archetype Updates

  • The Assassin feat ‘Assassinate’ now adds damage to the action row in the sheet

  • The Bastion feat ‘Disarming Block’ now adds a rollable Athletics field to the actions row

  • The Bastion feat ‘Drive Back’ now adds a rollable Athletics field to the action row

  • The Blessed One archetype now correctly adds a ‘Lay on Hands’ focus spell

  • The Bounty Hunter feat, ‘Opportunistic Grapple’, now includes a rollable Athletics field on the action row

  • The Bounty Hunter feat, ‘Tools of the Trade’, now scales proficiency for the granted weapons

  • The Celebrity feat, ‘Feeling Your Oats’, now adds a rollable Deception field to the action row

  • The Dandy feat, ‘Fabricated Connections’, now adds the relevant actions under the Deception skill.

  • The Dandy feat, ‘Gossip Lore’, now correctly scales with the Society proficiency.

  • The Dandy feat, ‘Distracting Flattery’, now adds a rollable Deception field to the action row

  • The Dragon Disciple feat, ‘Dragon Arcana’, now correctly adds the spells to the character’s spell list.

  • The Dragon Disciple feat, ‘Shape of the Dragon’, now appropriately scales Dragon Form. Also, the feat ‘Mighty Dragon Shape’ adds a note to that spell indicating updated usage.

  • Continued support of the Eldritch Archer Archetype. The following Eldritch Archer actions will now appear when available:

    • Enchanting Arrow
    • Magic Arrow
    • Precious Arrow
    • Arrow of Death (Damage + Action appears)
  • The Gladiator Archetype has received the following updates:

    • Play to the Crowd now includes a rollable Performance field
    • Fancy Moves now adds ‘Demoralize’ as a skill action under Performance
    • Performative Weapons Training scales proficiencies for the specified weapons
    • Living for the Applause now includes a rollable Performance field
    • Call Your Shot now adds a note to the ‘Play to the Crowd’ action row
  • The Horizon Walker’s Perpetual Scout adds the ‘Scout’ entry to its drawer.

Class Updates

  • Champion

    • Resolved a crash when selecting Champion feats at Level 8
    • The Champion feat ‘Accelerating Touch’ now adds a note to the Lay On Hands spell drawer.
  • Monk

    • Implemented additional work around the Monk’s ‘Incredible Movement’ feature.
    • Monks now appropriately benefit from the “Monastic Weaponry” feat.

Item Updates

  • Scroll of Glitterdust now adds the Level 2 spell ‘Glitterdust’
  • Scroll of Illusory Disguise now adds the Level 1 spell ‘Illusory Disguise’
  • The Aeon Stone (Clear Spindle) now adds the Air Bubble spell appropriately.
  • Flame Tongue and Flame Tongue (Greater) now display the Produce Flame spell.


Thanks again for the help testing. We’ll be back with more updates later this week!