Update Notes 6/20/2023

Hello everyone!

A new build went out earlier today - notes below!

Character Builder Updates

  • We have restructured how character options available to users are displayed across Pathfinder and all other games supported by Demiplane’s Character Builder.
    • Specifically for Pathfinder, this means Ancestries, Backgrounds, and Class options are now sorted first by all user-accessible content and then alpha-numerically.
  • Work continues on multi-game support of both the Character Builder and Sheet.

Character Sheet Updates

  • We have added a Bulk calculation in the Equipment section of your Character Sheet.
    • The Bulk calculation sits underneath the search bar. Clicking on the bulk calculation grants access to the Bulk drawer, which provides details on the mechanic.
    • As a result of this update, we have also been able to unblock several Feats that impact a character’s Bulk value or calculation.
  • An “Other Items” section has been added to the Equipment tab with free text for you to be able to list other possessions.

Feat Updates

  • Greenwatch Initiate
    • The Green Watch Initiate feat now correctly increases the Survival skill to Expert.


Back with more soon, thanks for the help testing!