Update Notes 6/28/2023

A new beta build went out earlier today - notes are found below!

Character Builder Updates

  • Today, we are releasing a significant backend update to Skills and Skill Training. This update touches on many aspects of our Skills system and fixes several issues discovered early in the Beta. A few examples of issues that have been resolved with this fix are below:
    • Several Character Options grant skill- or skill proficiency-related benefits. Nearly all of these benefits are now supported. Some examples are below:
      • The Human’s “Skilled” Heritage now upgrades the chosen skill from “Trained” to “Expert” at Level 5.
      • Archetypes that boost a Character’s skill to a given proficiency now work as expected. The most shared example of this would be the “Medic” Archetype, which now correctly increases a Character’s Medicine Proficiency to Expert.
    • Previously, changing a Character’s Class could cause inconsistencies in the number of skills that could be trained. This has been resolved.
    • Previously, users could increase or decrease any skill’s proficiency at any level where a Skill Increase benefit existed. Now, the Builder tracks which skill proficiencies were increased at each character option for easier tracking and tracing.
  • We resolved an issue where removing a feat that has been selected multiple times removed the wrong instance of the feat. This was reported most frequently when the “Assurance” feat was selected multiple times.

Character Sheet Updates

  • The “Add Item” drawer should now stay open when adding items. Previously, this drawer would close after each item was selected.
  • We resolved an issue where level changes made in the Character Sheet’s “Manage XP” Drawer did not save across the character.

Ancestry Updates

  • Ghoran
    • Ancient Ash Heritage now only offers a single skill selection and boosts the selected skill to “Expert” at 5th level.

Class Updates

  • Cleric
    • Resolved an issue where the Cleric Doctrine could not be changed once it was initially selected.
  • Oracle
    • Ashes Mystery for Oracle from “Blood Lords: A Taste of Ashes” is now available.
  • Wizard
    • Resolved an issue where a Wizard’s School selection could not be changed after initial selection.


That’s it for this week - back after the US holiday next week. Hope you all have a good one!

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