Update Notes 7/6/2023

Hello everyone!

We’ve got a short week in the office, but a new build just went out with the following.

Character Builder Updates

  • Users picking the “Psychic Dedication” feat can now pick their Spell granted by the feat.

Character Sheet Updates

  • The multi-attack penalty should now be correctly calculated for agile weapons.
  • We resolved an issue in which magic items were displaying incorrect proficiency training in the “Equipment” tab of the sheet.
  • You should no longer see a Bulk value of “NAN” for items that have a non-numeric Bulk value, such as “L”.
  • Characters with proficiency training in longbows and/or shortbows should now see the bonus apply to composite longbows and composite shortbows as well.
  • We resolved an issue in which the AC bonus of “O-Yoroi Armor” was not getting applied to AC calculations.

Ancestry Updates

  • Gnome
    • The “Unexpected Shift” ancestry feat now displays as a note in the “Resistance” drawer, not as a persistent Resistance bonus.
  • Poppet
    • The “Shiny Button Eyes” ancestry feat now correctly adds the “Canny Acumen” feat and upgrades training in Perception to “Expert” level.
  • Previously, ancestry feats that should grant dark vision, such as the Tiefling “Fiendish Eyes” feat, were not detecting that low-light vision had been granted by the ancestry or heritage. We’ve resolved this issue and the prerequisites should now display as met.

Class Updates

  • Witch
    • We resolved an issue in which we incorrectly displayed the Focus Spell tradition for Witch hexes, which impacted spell save DCs and proficiency bonuses.


We’ll be back with more next week!