Update Notes 8/9/2023

Hello everyone!

We’re back from Gen Con and cranking away! Quick note that now that we have character tools for more than one game in development, these update notes will be shared in the main Feedback forum instead of the individual game subforums, but please still share any feedback you have in the subforums.

Update Notes 8/9/2023

Avatar Legends

Character Builder Updates

  • The Avatar Builder will now show a message when users save their characters.

Pathfinder 2e

Character Builder Updates

  • Filters have now been activated through the Pathfinder Character Builder.

Character Sheet Updates

  • We’ve added Container support in Pathfinder Character Sheets, which allows users to add and manage backpacks, bags of holding, etc.
    • To Create a Container:
      • Select the “Add Container” button
      • Choose a Container Type from the drop-down list.
      • Name the Container (default name is the Container type).
      • If you’d like, you can override the container’s Bulk Capacity and the amount of Bulk that is “ignored.”
  • As part of the Container support, you can select “Move Item” to move items between your Character’s containers and personal inventory.
    • Click the kebob menu on an item row to select the location of your new items.
  • We have rewritten and implemented our method of displaying damage resistances that increase over time (for example, Skeletal Resistance).
  • Resolved an issue where Armor Check Penalties were not applied to the relevant Strength- and Dexterity-based skill checks.
  • Resolved an issue where the hit point section on mobile character sheets disappeared when a Character was at 0 hit points.
  • Resolved an issue involving items granted to Characters as part of the Character Creation process.
  • Resolved an issue where certain equipment caused a Character Sheet crash.

Archetype Updates

  • Updated the Wellspring Mage archetype’s available spell slots in early levels.


Class Updates

Feat Updates

  • The Legendary Professional feat was not respecting its prerequisite, but it sure does now.
  • The Syncretism feat now allows Characters to select a second deity.


Back with more soon, thanks!



Oh, and respect that prerequisite with authoritah!

I would appreciate it if these could be (cross)posted to the news board.

I was following that board’s RSS feed to keep track of development, but with these moved to a board anyone can create threads in, that’s no longer viable.

Only saw this one because I noticed it in my the forum digest email :frowning:

Thanks for the feedback - we’re not sure we want to add update notes to the News & Announcements forum, as we want that to stick to bigger updates there.

Another option could be to follow our changelog page here: Demiplane - What's New

We need to do a better job of surfacing this page, but in the short term, that might work for you.

There doesn’t seem to be an RSS feed available for that page, unfortunately.

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Right - that’s something we could potentially add in the future, but I meant “follow” in a more general sense.

If this is something that we see demand for, there is the potential we can create a dedicated update notes forum that others can’t post to - I could see a use for that.

No promises, but we will look into options!