Update Notes (Collected) 10/10 - 10/13

Hello everyone!

It’s been a big week - so big that I’m just now getting these posted, but here are the collected updates over the last few days.

Platform Updates

  • The Character Builder and Sheet in Pathfinder 2e, Avatar Legends, and Vampire the Masquerade should all now properly refresh after making a Source purchase within them. Previously, the Builder or Sheet did not always refresh automatically, forcing the user to refresh the page in order to use their new purchase.

Pathfinder 2e
Character Sheet Updates

  • Resolved a slippery crash for Nagaji characters with the Titan Nagaji Heritage that could occur when slithering over to the Equipment tab on the sheet.


  • Vampire Character Tools are released!
  • Resolved and EXP cost issue with a few Merits
  • Resolved several visual styling issues
  • Added a Generation field to the Concept & Lore section.
  • Vampires who take the Twice Cursed Flaw will now see both Banes on their character sheet.
  • Resolved an issue in which selecting multiple advantages in the same Loresheet could cause the advantages to combine together instead of remaining as distinct advantages.

Avatar Legends

  • Republic City is released - check out the “Extras” section to enable Pro-Bending and Vehicles and Mechs!
  • The Destined Playbook: the Destiny Details section now appears in the Builder.
  • Fixed a typo in the Campaign Details of the Sheet in which Act 1 was listed twice.


Plenty more to come - I’ll be back with more next week.

Have a good weekend!