Update on VTM Character Sheet

Its been about six month sense the last news,. Is this feature planned for this year?

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I’ve shared several updates in our Dev Update streams in the last few months, and yes - we are actively working on our Vampire NEXUS character tools and they are coming this year (and not at the end of the year…the target is more like early Q3, to use one of my Southern sayings, god willing and the creek don’t rise).

We will share more as soon as we can soon.


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Thanks for the update! I look forward to hearing more soon!

I keep checking back periodically to see if there’s been any update on when they’re going to release the VTM character tools. I see it still says ‘early 2023’ when we’re over halfway through the year :frowning: Starting to regret ordering the book bundle.

I’m not sure where you’re seeing an “early 2023” - thought we updated all those places, but as I have shared in recent Dev Update streams, we are actively working on VtM character tools and they will be available this year.

Predicting release dates for software development is tricky (which is one reason we never give an actual date for anything until we’re 100% sure) and we’ve encountered some unknowns that have caused delays, but now that we have Pathfinder character tools released, we have a repeatable process that has overcome those unknowns.

We’re already seeing that with the second game that will release (Avatar Legends) - it will be available in weeks (not months), and we expect the same for Vampire, which is next in the pipeline.

You should see updates in all the places we share them - email, streams, Discord, etc. - in the near future. With what we’ve seen as we have started development, we’re sure the tools are going to be worth the wait.


On the main vampire nexus page the last bullet point is: Coming Early 2023! Character Tools: character builder, character manager, and digital character & lore sheets.

thanks for the reply though

Ah, t looks like something got reverted there on the homepage…it was updated at some point.

We’ll get that taken care of and share more updates soon.

Thanks again!

I hope this will indeed come in 2023. I mean what is a TTRPG tool if it doesn’t have the character creation option, in 2023 :stuck_out_tongue:

A few months ago I read a staff member post that said you had an ambition to have the VtM Character Tools out for early access within July, but I guess that ambition fell through because of those issues?

I also remember reading that Vampire was next up after Pathfinder, but I see you’re saying Avatar Legends is next up. Did your priorities change, or am I just misremembering that post?

No priorities have changed no. We have different teams working on Pathfinder, Vampire, and Avatar Legends character tools at this point. We have to multi-thread given how many games we plan to support.

Vampire hasn’t shifted in priority, but the relative simplicity of the Avatar Legends rules system means it looks like it’s going to get done a little faster, that’s all.

Vampire character tools aren’t going to hit July, no, but they are progressing, and we’ll have a substantial update within the next couple of months. We’re excited to see how they’re coming together and excited to share them with Vampire players before too much longer.