UX Wishlist: Filters on Character Creation

We already got a couple useful filters. However, stuff I really want to see, and I know that it’s a business decision to maybe choose to not implement it:

  1. Filter for Purchased/Unlocked content, so you can tune out stuff you don’t own
  2. Filter for Requirements fulfilled, so you can instantly see valid choices

I think it’s important to make navigation of big lists more accessible. Pathfinder is known for having TONS of options, but if I need to scroll past 80% of locked content or content that’s not available for my build? It’s time not spent well!

Also, something I noticed especially with the Pathfinder creator: performance. Performance is one of the biggest UX drivers. Sure, it might seem like a technical spec, but if you have to WAIT for feedback, it is highly displeasing to the user. We appreciate interactions to be “breezy”. Technically there’s a problem with too fast feedback as well, but that’s rather theoretical in many cases (with some procedures, people will doubt the quality of an interaction if it took little time).

Anyway, I hope we can see more improvements! I was a longtime user of HLO, and I really appreciate your interface. It looks great and is way easier to navigate than the competition.


Gotta add that I only saw the other filter posting just now. But alas, it is talking about something entirely different and also valid, so maybe you can make some use out of this as well.

Thanks for the feedback! We definitely plan to add more filters as we go along.

Performance is something we know isn’t where it should be, and we have a plan for how to address it. We just want to do it all in one fell swoop, rather than retreading the same ground multiple times as additional functionality is added. :slight_smile:


I just sign in recently and tried the character builder. It is really nice.

I strongly agree with the two comments for the filter.

I will add one small (or big) thing. When I click on the filter, I really step away from it. I felt like I need to know coding to use those, with the true or false thing. I mean, at first look, I didn’t take a chance of changing a thing.

That being said, It was really easy to create a character.

On suggestion would be a “Remaster Only” (only content released since Player Core and on). I’m starting a campaign for folks who are completely new to PF2E and limiting choices might help avoid some analysis paralysis.

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