V5 character sheet feedback

Preface: As a professional dev myself, I know that a long list of improvements can feel disheartening, so I want to make clear right now that I quite like the tools! They look great and far exceed my expectations.

Overall design

  • Visually, I love the design. Character sheets are often very boring to look at, but these are fantastic, and the wizard itself looks nice. I’ve also always loved the use of Cormorant.
  • I felt a little lost when I first looked at the wizard. Entering my character’s name and age was given less prominence than other sections.
  • I’m happy there’s a button to skip the wizard, but “character sheet” is somewhat confusingly named. Maybe this could be made clearer?


  • Would be nice to be able to drag a character portrait image into the window rather than having to click select and go through the system dialog
  • On selecting a clan, it would be nice if the “attributes & skills” button would enable. Clicking it would be the same as clicking “select ” and then clicking “attributes & skills” (save a button click).
  • Clicking one of the disciplines in the clan pane takes me to a new page, and I have to use browser back. I think this should either open a new window or (even better) open a popover.
  • The trait selection process works but feels a bit clunky. Every interaction feels like it needs one more click than I’d like. It might be nice if selecting the last item in a “placement” would automatically move to the next set.
  • The page could be made more ergonomic if the trait “SELECT” buttons were on the left side of the traits rather than the right (less mouse movement).
  • When selecting Hecata, there is no apparent way for me to specify a “Shifts in the Blood” discipline swap (e.g. Auspex → Potence).
  • It might be better to select your PT before disciplines, so you don’t select powers, select PT discipline, then select a power again?
  • Advantages: It wasn’t immediately clear to me I should click “merits”, “backgrounds”, or “flaws”.
  • It’s possible to select mutually exclusive merits and flaws, such as Stunning and Ugly.
  • Flaws are listed under their parent name, e.g. “Herd” instead of “Obvious Predator”.
  • Nowhere to specify what a folkloric bane/block is
  • Convictions and touchstones should probably be put into 3 separate pairings rather than one field for all convictions and one for all touchstones.
  • Coterie merits/flaws are just text fields instead of selectors like the rest of chargen.
  • Because I couldn’t select a “Shifts in the Blood” discipline earlier, I have to purchase Potence at out-of-clan rates.
  • Newly created vampires should start at 1 Hunger, not 0.

Character sheet screen

  • As before, I love how this looks. Chef’s kiss.
  • Freely creating a character sheet (i.e. without using the wizard) is very clunky.
  • The red numbers (e.g. “Athletics 2”) are very thin and hard to read due to the red in use. Perhaps they could be made bold?
  • Same as above for the (S) specialty indicator.
  • “CLAN AGE PREDATOR TYPE” reads strangely (e.g. Hecata Neonate Graverobber). I think “AGE CLAN PREDATOR TYPE” reads nicer (“Neonate Hecata Graverobber”).
  • Clicking to apply tracker damage is noticeably slow and results in a flicker across all other trackers and certain other page elements.
  • It’s odd to be able to mark damage on arbitrary tracker boxes.
  • There doesn’t seem to be a way to enter degeneration by applying more stains than you have empty boxes.
  • Failing a Rouse check should increase Hunger. Clicking “re-roll” and passing should remove that Hunger gained.

Dice rolls

  • Link targets to add a trait to rolls are very small for skills. It’s unclear that they’re targets at all unless you mouse over them and see the cursor change.
  • Link targets for “info” are much larger than link targets to create rolls, which feels backward from the most common use.
  • The roll pane should stand out more from the rest of the page, IMO.
  • How do I add specialties to a roll? Modifiers? Blood surge?
  • How do I specify the difficulty, which matters for determining a bestial failure?
  • The number of successes should be much more prominent.
  • There should be an indicator if you have a critical success.
  • I appreciate that you can click a Discipline dice pool and auto-populate the roller.
  • Clicking the pool multiple times allows you to add infinitely many duplicates of the pool.
  • I appreciate that BP bonus is automatically applied.
  • Ceremonies are missing a dice pool.
  • Rolling a discipline that has a rouse check should automatically perform a rouse check.
  • After doing 50 rouse checks, I never saw an indicator that I hit a 1, which is important information if using Oblivion. (Possible I was just bamboozled by RNG and never actually rolled a 1, but it’s statistically very unlikely.)

I’m worried that by providing this much feedback in one place, the dev team might overlook some very critical points you’ve made here! For example, the points on hitting a 1 on a rouse check (for the purpose of Oblivion) or swapping out Clan Disciplines (for the purpose of Hecata bloodlines) are crucial to gameplay and character creation!

Edit to add: Ceremonies missing a dice pool. It seems like a lot of the overlooked elements are elements unique to Hecata. This has me thinking I need to recreate my Thin Blood here as well. I wonder if some elements will be similarly overlooked.

I’m replying to you quickly here to illustrate that we don’t miss any of the feedback.

We collect and review it all. That doesn’t mean we act on everything (as not all suggestions are good ones, and preferences for one person don’t necessarily align with the preferences of another person), but we monitor and review everything that comes through. If we see places where adjustments are needed, we act on those.

There are some areas that for launch are treated as “table stakes” - we are initially focusing on the core book clans and expanding from there, and importantly we do not currently support “temporary” effects at this time. We have focused on giving players a place to collect information they need to across the board (as you would be able to do on the standard paper character sheet), and then adding convenience in layers from there. We have covered a good bit of those layers initially at launch, and we will add more layers over time, based on feedback.

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I’m not sure what you mean by temporary effects? I didn’t intend for anything about that to be part of my feedback. I’d like to clarify if possible.

With the focus being on “core” clans for now, I added Blood Sorcery to my character using experience. Two observations:

  • The “free ritual” prompt is a little confusing. It said 1/1. I’m not sure if this is because I’m no longer in chargen (since you don’t get a free ritual after chargen), or because I selected a free ritual (ceremony) from Oblivion during chargen. Ideally, this prompt wouldn’t show at all outside of chargen.
  • Rituals also don’t seem to have a dice pool associated.

With only a few exceptions, rituals are as simple as Intelligence + Blood Sorcery, and ceremonies are Resolve + Oblivion. Some have an additional pool, however, so I can imagine deciding how to handle that is the reason this section isn’t filled out yet.

(I hope it doesn’t feel like I’m trying to have a “gotcha” moment, which isn’t my intent.)

Bonus: The world’s tiniest nitpick: I think there should be a bit more vertical padding between the Attributes/Skills headers and the other content.

Screenshot 2023-10-12 at 7.38.27 AM

Thanks for the feedback! As I mentioned before, we’ll review and make adjustments if needed.

This is indeed something on our list, and what I meant by the term we internally use as “table stakes” is that the digital character sheet still allows you to roll the ritual pools by adding Intelligence + Blood Sorcery from Attributes / Skills. i.e. It is still more convenient for many people to make that roll than doing it with paper. With time, we’ll be increasing the places where we automate things more to make things more convenient.

The padding here is fixed, thanks!

Ahh, gotcha. Misunderstanding on my part.

Would it be helpful for me to reorganize my feedback to highlight functional issues/bugs vs. my more opinionated suggestions?

No need for any distinction - we can discern the difference in our review. If something is a bug, we’ll act on it quickly. If something is a preference or suggestion, we review it a little further and make the adjustments where needed.


Found a bug:

On mobile (or just a narrow-enough window), if you have the roll pane open when you click the menu hamburger, the roll panel remains in the foreground.

Fixed - thanks!