V5 feedback 2023-10-18

Some quick feedback.

“Source” covers are scrunched on mobile

Easiest to see with Anarch. The circle is supposed to be a circle. Also, those cultists are very tall and skinny.

iPad - Blank bar beneath menu bar

This doesn’t show up on my iPhone, only my iPad. It’s an extra, black bar that hides some of the content and never has anything in it. It only seems to show when viewing a source, not on other pages, such as the compendium. This screenshot is from Cults of the Blood Gods.

Missing text

In Styx and Bones (CotBG), there’s missing text in the introduction. Looking at my PDF, I believe the missing text is “in the World of Darkness.”

Compendium says I haven’t bought a source

Compendium → Disciplines → Oblivion. It says I need to buy Chicago by Night to unlock that content, but I already have. This message shows after displaying the CbN stuff, so I think it’s just a display bug.

There’s another issue with it displaying the CotBG text, but I addressed that in another topic.

I just realized that I never replied here - your feedback has been collected and passed along to the team.

Are you still seeing that prompt to unlock content from Chicago by Night?

I’m no longer being asked to unlock CbN. Thanks.

Glad to hear it! We have these other things in the works. :slight_smile: