V5: Missing CotBG Oblivion Ceremonies in Powers

My players and I noticed tonight that some the Oblivion Ceremonies published in Cult of the Blood Gods are missing from the Powers section under Game Rules in the Vampire Nexus.

The following Oblivion Ceremonies are found only in the source book presently, but are not listed with all the other Powers.

The Gift of False Life
Summon Spirit
Awaken the Homuncular Servant
Host Spirit
Shambling Hordes
Bind the Spirit
Split the Shroud
Ex Nihilo
Lazarene Blessing

I just wanted to bring it to your attention. We still have access to these details via the Source Book and I know you all have your hands full! Hope your team is having a good week :triumph:

Thanks for catching that! This should now be fixed.

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Wow, that was fast!! You’re good :laughing:

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