V5 Player’s Guide Availability

I’m so hyped for the new Player’s Guide! Since the Vampire Nexus received all the planned updates regarding available sourcebooks, my group has extensively and exclusively been using Demiplane to run our Chronicle. Suffice to say, I’d prefer to only buy the V5 Player’s Guide on Demiplane if I can help it. Although I’ll likely also buy a physical copy, I really don’t want to fiddle around with a PDF if we can continue to access all of our content via the Vampire Nexus.

I guess what I’m saying is that I hope there’s not too long of a wait between the release of the book and the release of this content on Demiplane. Please. I beg you! :sob:

Also, keep up the great work. I honestly can not emphasize how much we rely on the Vampire Nexus. We literally use it every day. :heart: And I really mean every day, since our Chronicle is a play-by-post.

Our goal is to have the Player’s Guide available on the street date. :slight_smile:


The PDF is coming out early. Will it be available then or on the physical release day?

This is great news, y’all are amazing

As a general rule, we’ll make titles available on physical release day. There may be exceptions to that rule, but the standard will be physical release day. :slight_smile:

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