V5 Powers / Rituals / Ceremonies Mixed Together

On the Powers page, all of the Ceremonies/Rituals are listed together with the powers and currently the only way to differentiate them is to read the description. The descriptions are not always clear as to whether they are a discipline power or a ceremony / ritual but this differentiation is important for levelling up / spending XP / character creation.

For those unaware of the difference;

  • Characters gain 1 discipline power per level of the discipline power, no more no less.
  • Characters can have as many ceremonies/rituals as they like by learning them/spending the XP.
    Eg. Selecting the filter for the discipline Oblivion will show me the Oblivion ceremonies, but it will also show me all of the oblivion powers all mixed in together. In the physical books (and the PDFs obviously) they are actually listed separately, all of the discipline powers, then under a separate heading the ceremonies/rituals.

For players this is a small inconvenience, meaning that you need to read through the descriptions for 1 discipline (unless for some reason you have 2 of these disciplines??). As a ST / GM this is very time consuming when creating multiple characters who use a mixture of these disciplines between them. Unfortunately I have Alchemy, Sorcery and Oblivion characters in my setting so not being able to just look at rituals is killing me!!

Thanks for letting us know! We’ve had some conversations about this internally, and it’s something that we’re evaluating what an update to separate these out might look like on the backend. No news on how we plan to handle this, but it is on our radar. :slight_smile:


Awesome! I look forward to seeing what the team comes up with.

My preference would be to add another filter so that you can filter to show only powers or only ceremonies/rituals, I imagine that on the backend it would involve having another field/flag for them to flag it as ritual/not ritual.
Of course another option would be to split them onto a separate list the way it is in the books.

PS. Hanging for the character sheets to be released, can’t be far away now since Avatar one got opened up right?