V5: QoL wishes

Two quick QoL “wants”:

  1. It’d be nice to filter by source when searching. As it is, default searching every single source has never been useful for me. For example, search “blush of life”, and all but one of the first page’s results are from the SI book, which is definitely not what I want. If I could limit the results to V5 core, that’d be super.

Bonus bug report: I’m unable to click on the V5 core results, even though I purchased the book. There’s a lock icon next to them.

  1. When viewing the V5 core’s table of contents (Sources → Corebook), the index isn’t in the big table. It’d be very helpful if it was.

For 1, I have some potentially good news for you:

If you’re searching in one of the Game Rules (ie. Powers) listings, you can filter by source.

I’ve made note of the bug for our team to look at, and have made a note about point number 2 as well. :slight_smile:

Actually, quick follow-up: Are you seeing listings like this for the books you own?

Do you have the view details button on the right that you can click?

Yes, it looks like that. I can click view details, but that takes me to the book’s main page, not the search result. Although now when I test it, the lock icon is gone. Maybe you guys fixed it?

I’m aware you can do that, but I’m talking about the main search field at the top of the page. Try typing “blush of life”. The first five results are for a book I don’t even own. Even if I did own it, I want to be able to filter the books. As it currently stands, the main search field has been useless for me.

Actually, I spoke too soon regarding the search being fixed. I can’t click the result here, only “view details”—which takes me to the source’s TOC, not the actual result.

Bonus: When is the login bug going to be fixed? I can’t stay off the page for 15 minutes without being logged out. It’s obnoxious enough that I’ve mostly been using my PDFs.

We did fix the lock icon. Search isn’t in a finished state yet, so some of the things you’re seeing here will be addressed in future updates, as things like only clicking “View Details” and that search result taking you to the TOC are both known entities right now.

We’ve rolled out a partial fix for the login bug, but the full fix is still in the works. We hope to see some more news on that front soon. :slight_smile:

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