Vampire Character Creation Appreciation

I never thought I’d move away from pencil and paper for my character sheets, but I’m happy to tell you that the Vampire: The Masquerade character creation tools are absolutely gorgeous and, as far as I can tell so far, very easy to use. Of the digital character sheets I’ve tried, it’s easily the best one. I’ve only just taken a quick look at uploading one of my vampires, and I’m incredibly happy with the results. My entire group is gonna move on from Roll20 to Demiplane moving forward (to be clear, we already run our entire game using Demiplane and Discord, but they used the Roll20 character sheets because nobody could find something else they preferred better).

I’d love to know, and if this is the wrong place for this question, I apologize, but are there any plans to upload custom loresheets for our chronicles? Also, if I could provide one bit of feedback, the only thing I noticed so far that might be easy to address, perhaps failing a rouse check could automatically increment the character’s hunger? That’d be really cool I think :smiley:

My other request/suggestion/question may be harder to implement, but is there a way we can see the rolls made by other players in our group using the character sheet dice roller? For most of us this isn’t an issue, but I have one player who insists he can’t be trusted to roll in private and not fudge his dice. :rofl:

Thank you, Demiplane, for all the hard work you’ve put into this. The animated sheets, the character creation steps, all the little quality of life things that make rules easy to reference. This is beyond what I imagined and I can’t wait to dig deeper with my playgroup. We took a break in our Chronicle while one of our players moved and changed jobs, and this looks like an incredible way to welcome everyone back to the table when we resume play in November.

EDIT: I do see now that we can also create custom loresheet advantages on our character sheets, including the number of dots. Even if we can’t upload our own loresheets, which would be pretty amazing, this is still an effective solution and will allow us to completely transcribe our characters to Demiplane.


Thanks for the feedback and enthusiasm for the character tools!

We’re really excited to share these with the world. I’ve passed along your feedback to the team and wanted to let you know that homebrew is definitely on the roadmap, and that would allow you to make custom content for your players to use (beyond the current ability to create custom advantages and such that you’ve noted). Shared dice rolls will come once we roll out an update to our groups functionality to integrate character tools, but it is also on the roadmap! :slight_smile:


Echoing this! They look great!!

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The whole thing looks great! Looking forward now to the content catching up to the released books!

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We are working on The Chicago Folios!


I saw that! Looking forward to seeing them all done!

I agree it looks great. A few issues here and there, but I’ll try to make a different post for it.

What I really want to see, though, is a way to exit out of the guided wizard mode. I always find those really clunky to use, and it makes it hard to import an existing character who has already spent a lot of XP. If I could just get a blank sheet I can click on, that would be ideal.

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I agree a blank sheet would be very useful and appreciated.
Looking forward to your post on any issues you’ve spotted. I haven’t noticed anything terribly egregious yet, but I don’t think I’m great at catching stuff like that.

Just startet my first character. Looks great, thank you so much. My coterie was waiting for this. Good work!