Vampire content hard to read white on black

Hi there. Maybe I’m overlooking it, but some font/sizing/color options would be nice. I find the white on black hard to read (I always have). It’s suitable for Vampire, but some other readability options would be great, even just the option for generic black on white. Some of this I can probably do with browser and reader options on my side, but some general ability to change the defaults would be nice.

Thanks. (Sorry if this is a dupe, I did a general search for ‘color’ and didn’t see specifically what I was looking for.)

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Thank you for sharing!

Rest assured, this is something that is on our radar. I can’t speak to what the plan is, or what the timeline might be, but we will be sure to tell folks about them when we can. :slight_smile:

I need to read everything in dark mode as I get older. Easier in my eyes and I work as a writer, so… Is it the default setting here then? I wouldn’t have noticed otherwise.

Yes, dark mode is the default setting for Vampire Nexus. :slight_smile: