Vampire Players Guide

Expand your Vampire the Masquerade experience–or enter the darkness for the first time. The Vampire Players Guide is full of new and updated rules, as well as resources perfectly suited for newcomers to the embrace.

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If you encounter any issues with the Players Guide in the character tools, digital compendium, or NEXUS, please let us know in this thread.

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The Players Guide book cover isn’t showing when opened by “view source”.

The book’s cover could be altered for the new one with the correct title.

In the Clans section, after the last Tzimisce archetype (Special Forces Commander) there’s some text about the alternate banes. This text is misplaced in this section as it should be located in the beginning of the Clan Bane Variants section.

In the Coteries section, Coterie Types subsection, coterie types table/graphic, the Champions coterie advantages are wrong, as it is repeating the Blood Cult ones (Herd, Suspect) instead of its own (Allies, Enemy)

In the Loresheets and Appendices section, Advantages Master List, the Feeding section is mentioning the Vegan flaw, but should be Farmer instead.

Thank you for your reports!

The Players Guide book cover isn’t showing when opened by “view source”.

This is correct, covers only show on the library and source overview (table of contents) page.

In the Clans section…

Oop, great catch. Fixed!

In the Coteries section…

This appears as it does in the book itself, however you’re quite right that the information provided later in the full write-up on Champions is different. I’ve gone ahead and made the change.

This is as portrayed in the book, but you’re right here as well! The original errata for this should reference Farmer, I’ve made the change.

Thank you again!

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