Viewing the sheets of my players

How do we view the character sheets of the players in our game group?

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On their character sheets, they can open their sheet settings and generate a link to share with you that will let you see their sheets.

We plan to add more options to this in the future (akin to Google Docs, where you can allow some people to edit, others to view, etc.)

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I think it should be, by default, that the GM of a Group has access to view and modify the sheets belonging to the players. Extra steps to share is not great!

That’s definitely on their roadmap, but this is the current workaround.

We haven’t integrated our character tools with groups functionality yet, but we are working towards that. When we do, it will be easy to manage your characters within your group if you want to, and that will include special permissions for the group GM. :slight_smile:

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