Volund Westmarches Online D&D5e TTRPG

:wave: Good Savorous, Adventurers! Welcome to Volund - an online D&D5e TTRPG community. Host to veteran players and beginners alike, join our heroes on their quest to uncover the mysteries of the crystal spheres.

:white_check_mark: Accepting applications from all interested parties - players and DMs alike!

:spiral_calendar: Games posted bi-weekly. Sign-ups are available per individual availability. Games are generally run from 7pm/8pm EST.

:video_game: Games are played online via FoundryVTT, and you can build your characters in our D&D Beyond Campaigns. All other communication is run through our Discord server.

:crossed_swords: Games are run by seasoned and new DMs alike. Volund supports the expression of the D&D Hobby by offering DM training.

:rainbow_flag: Volund is an LGBTQ+ friendly community of D&D Players from around the world.

:handshake: Getting Started with Volund has never been easier. Our dedicated team of volunteers is at the ready to help answer any and all questions to get you set up and ready to play!

:crystal_ball: Evershade. It’s a realm of mystery - and one that you’ve been brought to in a twist of surprise. After a shard of crystal-like power impacted you seemingly from out of the aether, you seemed to get drawn through time and space to a ruined, mist-surrounded village. But you aren’t the only one - beings from across the crystal spheres seem to have experienced this same strange encounter, all of you taken from your lives and stories to experience something wholly new. What awaits you? Well… looks you’ll have to figure that out yourself.


To apply to Volund, please fill out the following form: https://forms.gle/NqBbFC1uEjR9V7vw5


Character Creation Details

  • We use D&D 5e Rules and will be converting to 6e approximately 5~ months after its launch.
  • We only allow the use of published WOTC sourcebooks. No U/A or Homebrew content is allowed unless otherwise specified within server rules.
  • We only allow stat generation via Point Buy or Standard Array.
  • You may begin with equipment and the maximum amount of gold allotted to your starting (level 1) class.
  • Character Hooks must be within the realm of existing RPG/Gameplay universes.

Player Expectations
D&D works best when players share mutual respect and trust with each other. Being comfortable at the table is earned by knowing you can trust the players around you. To facilitate that, here are some of the general expectations within Volund:

  • This Westmarches is designed for both new and experienced D&D players. We will work to make sure everyone has a good time regardless of skill level.
  • Players will do their absolute best to be on time for all of their games. Their consistent and reliable participation is vital to the group’s progression, safety, and overall enjoyment.
  • Players will stay engaged during gameplay.
  • Harassment and general disrespectful treatment will not be tolerated.
  • When a player signs up for a session, they agree to work collaboratively with their fellow players and DMs to achieve the session goals. Every PC has different reasons for adventuring, and it is the responsibility of the player to determine why their characters are willing to work together with the party. Collaboration is a must.

DM Expectations

  • DMs will be on time for every session. They will communicate clearly in a timely manner regarding schedule abnormalities or other issues.
  • DMs will respect all players equally and be fair in their rulings.
  • DMs will be thoroughly prepared for each session.
  • DMs will give each player/character, over the course of the setting, a chance to shine.