VtM 5e - Drop by for a bite

Looking for players and a GM for a VTM game! Times are CST


What sort of game are you looking for? PbP? Voice chat? Do you have any players yet or a setting in mind? I’m just curious, and keeping an eye on this thread :yum:

I’d prefer VC, but if I absolutely have to, PbP is fine. No players. No setting. I am quite new to VtM.

i am interested in

i am also interested!

We now have four players, should be enough to start! All we need is a GM.

i have GM experience if you know anyone who wants to play. also I am on discord and thats an easier way to reach me.


Well, we either have three players and a GM or four players and no GM, either way we’ll need someone else.

Ah I should apologize, I should admit that I really was just curious, I didn’t expect to be counted as a player. Presently, I’m full-time ST for a hybrid pbp/vc real-time chronicle, but I have been playing around with the idea of getting involved in more games (although I’m not certain what that would look like or whether my schedule would allow it). Admittedly, I’m still curious… but it’d be unfair to you to commit prematurely! I’m just here watching things develop :stuck_out_tongue:

If you GM, what’s the age we’re going for. Neophytes? Elders?

I have a lot of downtime and could always run a one shot. Have your group ever considered a paid DM? Some rates are fair, i run paid games and play in them. It’s usually worth it for the consistency

Hi all. I just wanted to check in and see if you are still looking for players. I’m new to this site and VtM 5e. I have a neonate Gangrel ready to go, but could build a different character. I’m not new to VtM, but just this version.

I was hoping to grab a Gangrel, actually.

Let me know if we have an active group. I’ll join up.

I am interested.

I’m also interested. I’ve played VTM a few times in the past, but never on Demiplane, mostly over Discord

We have four people. We need a DM.