Wake me when its launch

also, if its not too much trouble - can you show me that Demiplane is working on making Pathfinder Nexus…
that Pathfinder has some sort of priority? maybe?

…how about a PF2E actual play series?
let me know.

There is a actual play coming and there are weekly updates on Twitch. It also supposed to launch this winter, so it not being priority is hard to imagine.


Great to here some PF II Play is coming to showcase Demi, that would be very key these days!!

Any chance on a hint what they will be running and any start date perhaps as well?



uhm… cliche’s, puns, okay. this is fine. beggars can’t be choosers.
some characters open a law office hoping to make it big by solving crimes, protecting the innocent, and exposing the true culprits!
Investigator- medical forensics (herbalist background & free archetype)+ medicine skill feats. party role: crime scene investigation, and aftermath healer. Thievery skill reveals that this character has a shady past (*good for beating locks and traps).
Bard- enigma (barrister background & free archetype: vigilante) party role: Interrogation, canvassing, and defeating obstacles of every sort… red tape being a specialty. a little bit of occult magic to have that “Psychic detective” flavor on the side. “Reading objects” and speaking with spirits is great, but none of that is admissible in court. Might help get past Stump points in the case, but without proof…
(soothe spell = emergency healer)
Ranger outwit (bounty hunter background & free archetype: scout) party role- the bad cop. the foe hunter. the long arm of the law. additional crime scene “investigation” and “reconstruction”- gathers evidence such as foot prints, finger prints,

my guess for ancestries: teifling “Horn e”, Tengu “Feather”, and catfolk “whiskers”
Tengu as the investigator-forensics because crows dig carrion.
Teifling as the bard, a doomed romantic who is always trying to woo the ladies, despite smelling of sulfur.
Catfolk as the ranger, because it takes a predator to catch mice… erm, bad guys.

and I probably have this ALL WRONG. 1,000% wrong.