Wanting to make Eldritch Trickster but it is not an option

When I used the Beta I was able to make a Rogue Eldritch Trickster, since it’s no longer in Beta I’m not seeing that as an option. When will that be coming back?

I believe you just need to use the Legacy toggle to turn on options from the legacy Pathfinder books. By default the character builder starts on Remaster-only options, and I don’t believe Eldritch Trickster has been remastered (or if it has, it goes by a different name now). :slight_smile:

I was wondering if it was something like that since it’s in the APG so I turned that legacy toggle on and it sadly still doesn’t show up.

Hey starwriter9! When you turn the legacy toggle on, are you also changing your character’s class to the Rogue (Legacy)? The classes are different, so to get the Eldritch Trickster you’ll need to make sure you set the legacy toggle, then select your class, and select the Rogue that has the little blue ‘L’ image by it’s name.

I didn’t do that and it showed right up. Thank you so much for your help on this!

Fantastic! Glad we were able to help. :heart: :tada: