Warrior character has 16 flat damage to his attacks that I cannot account for

Hey all, just want to double check the math here to see if I’m missing something obvious or there is something weird with how the sheet is caluclating the damage.


This character has +43 flat damage to his rapier attacks, and I cannot for the life of me account for 16 of it. The breakdown I have is as follows:

  • 6 of that is from the Legendary Rapier itself
  • 10 of that is from being a Level 10 warrior
  • Another 6 is from Cruel Precision (adding my Agility)
  • 5 is from having the Legendary Dagger in the secondary weapon slot

That leaves 16 damage unaccounted for which is strange to me.

Thanks for the report!

It appears the “all-weapons” damage bonus (in this case, the 10 from warrior, and 6 from cruel precision) were being added twice, as they both told the weapon to re-add the “all-weapons” bonus.

I have pushed out a fix for this, and the numbers look correct now.

also talking with the team, we have put it on our list to have a damage breakdown in the drawer for weapons, just like when you click on a trait and you can see all the things added to your traits.