Ways to Filter Sources in Library if There Aren't Any Already

So I might be asking for something that’s already present. It’s hard to tell since the reader is still pretty inaccessible with screen readers. But as far as I can tell, right now all that happens when I go to my library it just pops up a list of all of my sources. It would be nice if I could filter by game system, as well as possibly narrowing it down to just rulebooks, or just adventures, or just sources from a specific adventure path. Pathfinder’s got a lot of books so just having a list of all the ones you have can be a bit much.

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The My Library feature is an Early Access work-in-progress and has several problems at the moment, including the lack of filters that you mentioned.

We’re going to get a disclaimer in there soon to help manage expectations and to direct folks to the “Sources” menu and pages in each respective NEXUS. That will be a much smoother reading experience in the meantime.

We’ll share updates on My Library as soon as we have them.