Weekly AMA with Giveaway

I’ve been lurking in the background, trying to attend the AMA’s and keep up with the new updates.

Looking at the number of entries for the competitions, they are very small. 45 today, 28 last week, 47 the week before, etc. That’s a low number and since the AMA’s always run at the same time, I’d wager you have a crowd of largely repeat attenders.

I can’t help but feel you are missing an opportunity to build more excitement and community engagement from these sessions. By running them at the same time in a platform that is already drowning in notifications; you aren’t really attracting a large audience.

My recommendation would be to build the excitement of the give away over a larger period of time. Post that it’s going to happen on more social platforms. Give people a full week maybe to get entries in. This will get people excited and talking about the platform and ideally drive increased viewership of the AMA sessions.

A prime candidate is the pf2e community which has a vocal and active group of people who discourage people from using Demiplane because its not free. I personally feel the tool would benefit from throwing a few free licenses into that community. Advertising a weekly competition and the AMA in those social circles would help break the barriers down and have positive impact on the long term usage of the tool.

Anyway, just my 2cs.