Welcome to the Pathfinder NEXUS Character Tools Open Beta!

Hello everyone!

Thanks for checking out our forums - this is a great spot to stay connected for updates throughout the Pathfinder NEXUS character tools Open Beta. Speaking of the beta, we are really excited to kick things off ! When you first create a character during the beta, you’ll be greeted by a message from your truly, and since we never really read those pop up checkbox things anyway, I’m going to re-post it here:

Thank you for stopping by to create a Pathfinder character! When the Closed Alpha started, I shared that “first impressions are important,” and that we didn’t want anyone to draw theirs from what was available in that phase. That is no longer the case for the Open Beta. We are in a place where we welcome first impressions, but keep in mind the “first” part of that. This is just the beginning - there’s much more to come with the Pathfinder character tools.

Here you will find a Character Builder and Digital Character Sheet that will work great for a wide variety of characters you want to play from most of the content that is available on Pathfinder NEXUS, and expanded coverage is quickly coming. So, if you get to a point in the builder where the ancestry or class you want to play doesn’t have full support, check back soon. This includes features that will be added into the beta as we go (like animal companions and familiars, exporting your sheet to a PDF, and creating and using homebrew, and more). Check out our weekly Dev Update streams or the release notes we post in the Forums to stay up to date on the latest.

We are also excited about starting the Open Beta because it gives us thousands of additional testers to help us track down the most elusive of bugs, so please report anything you come across that isn’t quite right - now is the time. Quick note - Chrome is well-tested at this point, but we are still working through some Firefox issues at this time. The best place to let us know is in the Forums.

We appreciate the incredible support during Early Access, and thank you for helping us make the Character Builder and Digital Character Sheet all it will be!

As I alluded to before, the forums is an important place. We’ll post all of our update notes throughout the beta here, and we welcome, review, consider, encourage, and appreciate all of your feedback - so please share!

Next, I’ll share the initial update notes for the build that brings us to Open Beta. This will introduce what is “in” for this phase, but also will give anyone who was in the alpha a summary of the threshold we’ve crossed and what you should be able to see that has changed if you haven’t check things out in a while.

Update Notes 5/23/2023

General Updates

  • New Demiplane homepage
  • New Pathfinder Nexus homepage

Character Builder Updates

  • Class choices for your character’s next available level automatically expand.

  • Updated the Character Builder’s “Preferences & Variant Rules” menu

    • Implemented new default styling for the Character Builder.
    • Implemented the “Free Archetype” Variant Rule. More variant rules will follow.

Character Sheet Updates

  • Implemented Character Sharing & Sharing Permissions
  • Implemented Visual Themes for the Character Sheet
  • Implemented in-sheet portrait upload
  • Completed several passes on items that grant spells to ensure the correct benefits are applied.
  • Enabled the ability for users to remove custom-added feats from their character sheet but not feats or class features granted through Character Creation.
  • A Character’s Heritage now appears in the “Feats & Feature” section of the Character Sheet.
  • You can now roll Attacks and Damages from within a drawer.
  • Added full support for Handwrap weapons.

Ancestry Updates

  • The Catfolk’s Aggravating Scratch feat now has Aggravating Scratch damage.
  • The Human’s “Skilled” Heritage now correctly grants only one Skill Training option.
  • The Fetchling’s “Deep Fetchling” Heritage now prompts users to choose between cold or negative resistance.
  • Human Characters with the L1 “Natural Ambition” feat can now choose feats with subchoices, such as the Cleric’s “Deity’s Domain” feat.
  • The Anadi Ancestry’s fang attack now appears on the Character sheet.
  • Androids now start with Low-light vision (and not Dark vision)
  • The Misbreath Azarketi’s speed was increased by +5 ft.
  • The Spined Azarketi’s “Spine” attack now correctly lists the range increment as 10 feet.
  • The Conrasu’s “Ceremony of the Evened Hand” feat now prompts for choice between unarmed attacks.
  • We resolved several issues with the Conrasu’s Rite of Reinforcement heritage (which grants Exoskeleton armor).
  • The Gnoll’s “Crunch” feat makes the ancestry’s Jaw attack crunchier.
  • The Fleshwarp’s “Living Weapon” feat now prompts users to choose an unarmed attack form.
  • The Ghoran’s “Flexible Form” feat now correctly grants training in Acrobatics.
  • Lizardfolk’s “Razor Claws” feat now upgrades their Claw attack to deal 1d6 damage.
  • The “Nagaji Lore” feat now asks the user to choose between Naga or Nagaji Lore. Choose carefully!
  • Sturdy Skeleton Heritage now receives their +10 Hit Points. Not only are they undead, but now they’re healthy!
  • The Vanara’s Climbing Tail feat grants +2 to Climb Checks
  • Many more ancestry updates.

Background Updates

  • The Martial Disciple background now allows the user to become trained in their skill choice (Acrobatics or Athletics) and grants the corresponding feat.

Class Updates

  • New Class Support

    • Implemented class support for the Gunslinger, Inventor, Magus, Psychic, Summoner, and Thaumaturge.
    • Note: Familiars and Companions remain in development. Class features that lean on Familiars and Companions will be impacted.
  • Cleric

    • Enabled the Warpriest’s benefits from the “Deadly Simplicity” feat
  • Gunslinger

    • The Gunslinger’s weapon proficiencies for Guns and Crossbows scale separately from other weapons.
    • Enabled support for the “Advanced Shooter” feat.
  • Inventor

    • Inventor class partially implemented: support for companions inbound. Base support for innovations implemented.
  • Magus

    • Magus class implemented.
    • Magus Spellcasting - and all supporting class features (Studios Spells, etc) - have been set up.
    • The “Arcane Fists” feat now correctly increases fist damage to 1d6 from 1d4.
  • Psychic

    • Psychic class implemented.
    • Psyhic Spellcasting and Psi-Amps are now supported.
    • Psychic Feat “Ancestral Mind” now replaces Ancestry or Heritage spells with the Psychic Class Spellcasting Modifier.
    • “Psi Burst,” “Violent Unleash”, “Mental Static”, “Psi Catastrophe”, and other Feature-or-feat driven damages scale with Player level.
  • Summoner

    • Summoner class partially implemented: support for Eidolons inbound.
  • Thaumaturge

    • Thaumaturge class implemented.
    • Esoteric Lore is based on Charisma, not Intelligence.
    • All implements supported as of Beta Launch.

Feats & Feature Updates

  • Enabled a whole cartload of Multiclass Archetype feats and class features.

  • Enabled the “-- Breadth” Archetype feats allowing archetype spellcasters to cast and prepare more spells.

  • The Assurance feat now clearly displays a Character’s Assurance bonus.

  • Added Support for the various “[Ancestry] Weapon Familiarity” feats

  • The “Incredible Initiative” feat now correctly adds +2 to Initiative Rolls.

  • FYI: We’ll be following up with a more refined Initiative system.

  • The “Toughness” feat now adds Hit Points equal to Character Level.

  • The “Untrained Improvisation” feat now updates Skill Bonuses.

  • We added a 1d8 slashing damage roll to the “Risky Surgery” feat because you know you wanted it. We won’t tell your victims…err… patients.


  • “Incendiary Ashes” now shows damage. Stay frosty.
  • “Nature’s Bounty” now includes +6 HP healing per Heightened Level
  • Many more spell updates.


Stay up-to-date here and on our weekly Dev Update streams. This is only the beginning!

I’ll end here by sharing the full press release below. Thanks again and see you around. Go forth and have all the joy as you play your beloved characters in your games!


Official Character Tools for Pathfinder Second Edition Now In Open Beta On Demiplane’s Pathfinder NEXUS

Introducing Pathfinder NEXUS’s Revolutionary Character Builder and Character Sheet Tools: Unleash Your Heroes Like Never Before!

GREEN BAY, WI (May 23, 2023) – Today Demiplane released the highly anticipated open beta of the groundbreaking Character Builder and Character Sheet Tools for Pathfinder NEXUS, the official digital companion for Pathfinder Second Edition. Designed to empower both new and veteran players with seamless character creation and management, these tools revolutionize the way adventurers unleash their heroes for one of the world’s most popular tabletop roleplaying games.

With the Pathfinder NEXUS Character Builder, players can embark on an epic journey of customization, making character creation an immersive yet effortless experience. The intuitive interface guides users through each step, offering a comprehensive selection of ancestries, backgrounds, classes, equipment, spells, and more. Unleash your imagination as you experiment with character combinations to forge your one-of-a-kind hero, ready to face any challenge that awaits in the realms of the award-winning Pathfinder Second Edition tabletop roleplaying game.

“The most crucial element of any tabletop roleplaying game is the characters we create, play, and continue to think about even between sessions—we connect with them more than we realize,” said Adam Bradford, Chief Development Officer at Demiplane. “With the Pathfinder NEXUS character builder and digital character sheet, fans can now navigate the treasure trove of options available in the game and bring their next favorite character to life easier than ever.”

“Demiplane brings digital expertise that is truly unique,” said Erik Mona, Paizo’s Chief Creative Officer. “With Pathfinder NEXUS, we’re not only able to enhance Pathfinder gameplay, but this new toolset also ensures that more people can experience the game than ever before. Working with Demiplane on this project has been an absolute dream come true.”

The Character Sheet Tools provide an unparalleled level of convenience and organization and enable players to effortlessly manage their characters throughout their adventures. Accessible from any device with an internet connection, players can update their character’s statistics, equipment, spells, and feats in real-time. Rules, explanations, and other resources for every skill and action pop up with a click, speeding up play at the table and serving as the perfect assistant for new players.

Here are some of the exceptional features that make the Pathfinder NEXUS Character Tools the ultimate companions for players:

Streamlined Character Creation: Confidently navigate the process of creating a character whether you’re familiar with the rules or not. The Character Builder delivers step-by-step guidance and a full array of Pathfinder’s rich character options to tailor your hero to your heart’s desire. Create a character while you’re in line for coffee or enjoy a deep exploration of every choice–you control the amount of detail.

Character Sheets Built for Speed: Demiplane’s Click-To-Know system lets players click on nearly any element on the character sheet and instantly see the specific rules for that element plus associated mechanics, tooltips, and cross-references. For example, if a player is unfamiliar with the game mechanics for a certain action, they can click the action’s name to see its full rules explanation as well as related information about Actions & Activities, In-Depth Action Rules, tooltips, and cross-reference links to other important game content. This is a powerful way to speed up play at the table and an absolute game-changer when it comes to introducing new players to Pathfinder.

Powerful Platform Features: Character Tools work in concert with your Pathfinder NEXUS digital books, game rules compendium, matchmaking, group management, and video/voice/chat capabilities.

Collaborative Gameplay: Share your character sheets with other players or the Game Master, facilitating teamwork and enhancing your collective storytelling experience. This is an incredible tool for GMs running one-shots, events at FLGS gamedays, and Pathfinder Society adventures. When players share their sheets with the GM, the GM can use Click-To-Know to instantly see the rules for those less common class features, feats, spells, and items–directly from their players’ sheets.

Accessibility and Cross-Device Compatibility: Access your characters from any device with an internet connection, ensuring that your heroes are always within reach, whether at home, on the go, or playing virtually.

The Character Builder and Character Sheet Tools are now available to all Pathfinder NEXUS users. Free account holders can create up to 7 characters while unlimited characters await paid Membership holders. To start creating your next legendary hero, visit www.pathfindernexus.com.


Demiplane empowers roleplaying fans to make every game better by providing high-quality digital tools that support in-person and virtual play. On Demiplane, RPG enthusiasts access tools to discover new games, new players, form groups and enhance the ways games can be played, shared, and explored. In addition to Pathfinder NEXUS, Demiplane provides official digital tools and game content for Vampire: The Masquerade, Alien: The Roleplaying Game, Avatar Legends: The Roleplaying Game, Mutant: Year Zero, Hunter: The Reckoning, and the playtest for Marvel’s upcoming Marvel Multiverse Role-Playing Game. Lifelong friends and die-hard RPG players Peter Romenesko and Travis Frederick launched Demiplane in 2020 to revolutionize how people engage with and enjoy roleplaying games. Since then, thousands of players and game masters have used the platform to bring their own tabletop adventures to life.For more information, visit www.demiplane.com or contact press@demiplane.com.


Paizo Inc. is one of the world’s leading hobby game publishers. Since 2002, millions of players have joined the goblin army by playing the Pathfinder® and Starfinder® Roleplaying Games in homes, at conventions, at their favorite local game stores, and digitally on virtual tabletops. Paizo.com is an online retail hobby destination for gamers that carries the latest products from top hobby game publishers. Players can also find the newest releases, as well as accessories like dice and maps, miniatures, T-shirts, goblin plush toys, to quickly replenish their adventuring supplies for the next dungeon run.For more information, visit www.paizo.com.



i wanted to check something just to be sure if it was implemented or not

is content sharing open completely for Character builder (i ask due in part to the fact i’m sharing it with a good friend of mine)

Content sharing lets you share your entire library, and anyone you share with will have access to all of those options for their characters. In the future, it will be possible to pick and choose what titles you share as well. :slight_smile:

okay, that works thank you mr. simmons

second question, what’s going on with memberships right now?

There shouldn’t be anything going on with memberships right now. If you’re encountering an issue, please submit a support ticket with your account information and describing what the issue is and we’ll get that resolved! https://demiplane.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/requests/new