Well Done Demiplane

I have been hosting a myriad of TTRPG’s for nearly 30 years. While I started with pen and paper in the pre-internet days, modern sites like this have made the character generation process fantastic. I found it quite intuitive and user friendly.

This site made creating a brand new character easier than I could have ever imagined. If certain other systems were to adopt such a smooth experience I would cheerfully go back to those classic venues and revel in the rich stories they contain.

I look forward to seeing where Demiplane goes as their product is already exceeds any expectations I had initially.

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Hi Aurelius141, and welcome to the Demiplane forums! Thank you so much for your kind words, I’m very excited to pass them onto the team for motivation as we get into another week of Crushing It™ tomorrow. :blue_heart:

The pleasure is all mine, as I mentioned in my post I have been hosting TTRPGs for almost three decades now.

The team at Demiplane have created a product to truly be proud of. It has made the character creation process far more user friendly than I could have imagined possible.

I look forward to seeing where Demiplane goes from here. I am already encouraging those I know to check out your products for themselves.