Wellspring Magic Doesnt Seem to Have Proper Implementation

I understand Nexus is in Early access,

However. I am not sure if the developers know about the implementation issue for Wellspring magic from Secrets of Magics source book. When going down this route with a player for our game we noticed there is no way to add wellspring magic 1st feat for the class archetype. you can add Wellspring Mage Dedication at 2nd. however the spellslot loss from feat 1 do not take effect on the charcter sheet. obviouly we will work around this as it isnt a huge deal.

Hopefully the devs know this and are working on it im sure they have there hands full but I wanted to post it here none the less and wellspring probably isnt a common player arcetype and they my think the implementation is proper. also maybe it is proper and i just missed something and can be elighted to my over sight!

Thanks for reporting this! We are still working through all of the feats, archetypes, and backgrounds to make sure they work as expected, so this is likely one that we simply haven’t gotten to yet. I’ll make sure it’s on our to-do list. :slight_smile:

As for your interpretation of the rules, I think it’s correct, but how exactly that is reflected on the sheet is another matter. As you mentioned, fortunately you can manage without that reduced spell slot count on the sheet right now.

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Awesome to hear and loving the platform so far i for see using it alot!

May I push this back up as a reminder since it seems to be still not implemented yet. At least it does not show up on my sorcerer that I’m building.

I know this is kinda an exotic one but hopefully you’ll get around building it.

Hello - we have some other items on our list before we get to the optional / variant rules in Secrets of Magic, but we’ll share updates as we have them.


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