Werewolf idea for Daggerheart (Feedback Please)

hi their folks, i know this probably isn’t the right place to be posting this but i am vary curios of what the community thinks of my idea of werewolves being in daggerheart, utilizing the beastform stat mechanics…so here it is!


+3 Strength / Attack: Strength - d10 (phy) / Evasion +1 / Armor Score: 6

Take advantage on: Attack, Scare, Track


Furious Strike: When you successfully hit utilizing your Beastial Attack - (Attack: Strength - d10 phy) You can expend a number of Hope (Maximum 2) to give you that much Proficiency with the attack.The maximum number will increase the higher In level you get.

(Passive Ability)

Hardy Endurance: Your damage thresholds Increase by +3 in this form.

Transformation Rules

Every night regardless of the moon phase, “Except for the full moon” you have the choice of transforming into a werewolf. if you refuse, you must give your GM something known as a frenzy token, GM’s can use a number of frenzy tokens to force a transformation very similar to fear tokens altering the narrative.

When you transform, regardless if it’s willing or not, you must make a two d12 instinct check, to see whether or not you maintain your sanity. As a narrative option you can expand half of your total maximum in hope to forgo this check, maintaining your sanity, but giving your GM a frenzy token.

If you have other narrative means that would justify a transformation, Converse with your GM to figure those out.

Example: my character has a massive fear of gore and blood, The stress and anxiety that it induces is strong enough that a change could take place. I must make an instinct check to see if I can maintain my composure.

Full Moon rules: during a full moon you are compelled by instinct to look at it, when your eyes gaze upon the full moon, it’s lunar rays force a transformation that automatically fails its check. If you have means of preventing said impulse to look at the moon or preventing a transformation, Example like poisoning yourself with a toxin that would then otherwise hinder the transformation, or protecting your eyes with black out goggles, forcing you to make a check to see whether or not your impulse is strong enough for you to remove them from your head.

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If you ignore names you could use a dual ancestry from a mix of dwarf, giant, daemon, katari, charge from the firblog, nimble from simbia or danger sense from goblin depending on what you want.

A few suggestions, but I don’t have the full details on the transformation part