Westmarch & Campaign oriented server looking for PCs and DMs

Welcome Traveler!
The Station welcomes travelers of all planes of existence.
The Station functions as a westmarch/campaign hub for D&D 5e and Daggerheart TTRPG (currently testing)
Travelers will be able to pick and choose on several styles of games:
Westmarch: drop in/out style one shot D&D hosted by multiple DMs set in their own respective worlds.
Campaign: Traditional style TTRP where you can form a party and create experiences together.
Quests: Personal quest that you can craft with your party and DM if you wanna further develop your character.
We are a new server but all is welcome to make suggestions/request.
Looking forward to hosting you Travelers.

**Little updates! we are starting to have more and more sessions happen.
plenty of players from varrying timezones. looking for More DMs to play with!

I also started working on a custom avrae commands to pull out the domain deck cards for refernce!
so far the functioning ones are as follow:
Blade Domain
Arcana Domain
Bone Domane
Valor Domain
Ancesty Cards
Community Cards
3 card sets left and its complete

**Update, we now have a good variety of DMs in different time zones,
**Update, all Cards are now able to be pulled up inside our discord server for quick reference