What determines what systems are added?

Hi everyone!
Literally just came accross this site, and it seems AMAZING for my future tabletop plans, but I just had some general curiosity questions about the RPG’s you have and or will have?
Are the currently included game systems owned by/connected to a company/s or is this simply a community project for fans of each of these individual games?
Also what/if any plans are there for future systems? For instance, are there plans to add databases/content for Starfinder, or shadowrun?
Also, is there any way I can donate/support the project, other than simply buying books or things for a particular system?
As I’m SUPER interested in the character creators for all the sytems, and what I REALLY would want from this, but as it’s currently in beta, any way I can help that along, it would be my PLEASURE to.
Thank you so much for taking the time to read this,
and excited for the potential of this service. :slight_smile:

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I don’t know what determines what gets added, but you can check out this treat New Nexus Ideas 🎲 What do you want next? where people have been sharing ideas and a developer said that

Some of the games I see in this thread we already have signed but not publicly announced yet, and many others we are in discussions about.

Hope that helps!


To get the latest live updates follow their Dev Updates on Twitch
Tuesdays 12:00 PM EST and join in on the chat and ask Adam Bradford questions directly.

Recordings are available afterwards on Twitch and YouTube and a text summary is also posted on the Demiplane Forums.


These are all companies that have signed partnerships with demiplane. So they are official rpgs. Demiplane is going for things that have a good market share (ie: lots of ppl buy their books, etc). They are unlikely to have your neighbors rpg system that they created in college here any time soon.

Having said that, Adam Bradford (founded dndbeyond, and is the backbone behind demiplane’s rpg management tools) has indicated that — eventually — they hope to add home brew support. I believe that is homebrew for already established games, rather than homebrew systems, but it is still wonderful.

I think someone else mentioned this, but Bradford hosts a live twitch stream weekly where he shares updates and answers questions. You can also watch it on YouTube a few days later, which is what I do.