New Nexus Ideas 🎲 What do you want next?

Hey everyone,

First time writing in this forum but I have been using Demiplane since the Marvel Multiverse RPG Playtest launched and after getting into TTRPGs for the past couple of years I’m curious to see and hear which games you would all love to see come to Demiplane.

Personally I am hoping to see more Renegade Game Studios rpgs receive a Nexus as Vampire The Masquerade is already accessible and I’ve really been enjoying their Essence 20 System, so I would love to see the likes of Power Rangers RPG, Transformers RPG and the others to come to Demiplane someday down the line :crossed_fingers:t2:

Other than that with the recent announcement of Magpie Games’ Avatar Legends RPG getting a Nexus this has me thinking about Tales of Xadia (the Dragon Prince TTRPG) by Cortex also teaming up with Demiplane. I’m not sure if this is doable but it certainly is something I would love to see happen one day.

Besides my own thoughts though what are some of your favourite games you would like to see come to Demiplane and also what do you think of my suggestions above?

Hopefully this is a fun topic to discuss :slight_smile:


Hello lynkcable,

I like your suggestions :grin:

The great design of Demiplane makes the possibility of adding any game almost limitless.

Here are a couple from my wish list

Dune by Modiphius Entertainment

Cyberpunk Red by R. Talsorian Games

Blade Runner by Free League

Starfinder by Paizo

Star Trek by Modiphius Entertainment


I would gladly see Starfinder from Paizo supported next :slight_smile: . I do not know though how big the gap is in player numbers between Pathfinder 2e and Starfinder. Pretty sure it is a decent amount of players.


So many TTRPG’s that would be cool to see show up :heart_eyes::
Numenera - Monte Cook - Cypher system
Cyperpunk - R. Talsorian Games
The Dresden Files - Evil Hat Prod - Fate system
Shadowrun - Catalyst Game Labs
Star Wars - Fantasy Flight Games


Fun discussion and stellar lists, everyone.

For me, it’s Starfinder. It was randomly stumbling across the Glass Cannon Podcast that got me truly into TTRPGs. Consequently, Pathfinder and Starfinder are my first loves; and me and mine have had SOOOOO much fun with those two games.


Same here, enough that I launched my own podcast, The Shatterblight Chronicles, though my group was in the 5e club.

I did finally wear them down and we’ve been playing 2e off air in preparation for converting our show to Pathfinder and leaving the garbage fire that DnD is becoming behind.


Call of Cthuhlu

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