What happened to PF II's Agents of Edgewatch, its not being mentioned anymore

On the weekly twitch show it was always being listed as “being worked on next” now not a word, so is it delayed? And if so by how long and what is the cause of this please?



as Paizo is stepping away from 6 Part adventure paths for the next couple years, (if not more sadly) the 6 parters might be nice to have as to how limited they will become!!

As I have shared on the Dev Update streams in the past, I can’t / don’t cover everything we are working on at any given time since it wouldn’t fit into a 30 minute stream. I typically stick to updates on things that have changed or progressed, and sometimes things fall off the slide to make room for other things.

Specifically for Agents of Edgewatch, it is still the next Adventure Path that will release from the back catalog. We are in a mode now where anything new is prioritized, but we work on the back catalog as we are able to do so. It has been a while since we have released something from the back catalog since the team’s focus has been so intently on character tools development, but once we move into Open Beta with those, Agents of Edgewatch will be what comes out next. We don’t have an ETA for that at the moment, but we will share more once we do.



Thanks, that helps a lot that it was’nt forgotten in the rush of new things going on :slight_smile:


Sure thing - and a quick update since I saw your reply pop through - we are indeed making progress. Here’s an internal alert I just saw come through:

So progress is being made in between things. Keep everyone posted!


Just need QftFF after Agents!

Thanks for the update today on this, mod 5 is done so just the 6th to go, NICE!!