What is this place?

I came here today because I signed up for a paid game with Kobold Press (5e). I discovered that I already had an account (vaguely recall doing that a while back.) But as I poke around it really is hard to suss out what Demiplane actuall is?

I think it is a place to find TTRPG games - any games - but there are very very few games to be found (outside of the Kobold Press 5E thing.) There’s also something going on with Pathfinder 2e - which is cool but not something that interests me.

There seems to be no effort to introduce people into what Demiplane is or show newbs how to use it?

I think this could be exciting as I have long thought there was a need for a platform that helps gamers find each other… is that what this is?


Welcome @phil, thanks for checking out Demiplane.

We haven’t been around very long, so we’re still getting together content to share more about what Demiplane is and does. Currently, we have matchmaking and an adventure portal with video, voice, chat, and shared journals to help players connect to play tabletop roleplaying games.

In addition to the articles H2Os linked, we also have a quick video series that talks about some of the basics of our matchmaking and adventure portal features: Introduction to Demiplane - YouTube

More recently, we have announced our Nexus platform, which will bring to life official digital toolsets for some of the biggest TTRPGs in the world - starting with Pathfinder, World of Darkness, Free League titles, and more to be announced this year.

Once the digital toolsets are launched, it will be much clearer what Demiplane does. Pathfinder Nexus is currently in Early Access, but the full release for it and many other games (including a 5E Nexus to support fifth edition play) are coming later this year.

You can stay up to date on how Demiplane grows into its final form here on the forums, on our social accounts, and in weekly Dev Update streams on twitch.tv/DemiplaneRPG.