What Marvel characters are you looking forward to creating?

What kinds of original heroes/villains are you looking forward to creating in the Marvel Multiverse RPG??

I have a bunch of original hero teams I’m working on, one being an American government made group called “The All-Stars” made up of original characters. They’re sort of the new 50-State Initiative.

Some of my favourite OCs I’ve made for this game (unrelated to the team above) are two new mutants inspired by D&D as they are named after the original creators of the game + their mutant names are literally going to be “Dungeon” and “Dragon” due to their power sets.

Then the last one I’ll share is a new speedster loosely inspired by Tokusatsu shows like Power Rangers/Super Sentai/Kamen Rider. He’s going to be pretty much a first responder type superhero, first on the scene to help rescue civilians in need. Pretty much my street level based NPC for players to interact with as they start out.

I’m curious to hear what characters you all are working on + what do you think of my character concepts? :slight_smile: