What's the difference between Sources and Rulebooks?

Help me out-- I feel like I’m going mad. I’m looking at the Pathfinder Nexus preorder page, and it lists two categories of products: Sources and Rulebooks. The thing is, both categories list all the same books. I don’t understand what the difference is supposed to be. Is there a difference? Is this a bug? Is there some design intent happening here I don’t understand?

Is this what your talking about. This is not an error sources are all the books it just right now only rulebooks are available. Sources is main header while rulebook is sub header.


Yeah, like creativeburst said, it’s just that rulebooks are the only ones available now. I’d venture to guess that once everything is available it’ll look more like:


Lost Omens

or something similar.

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Okay, I was away for a few days. Now I’m being gaslit, haha. The Sources section is now missing. I guess it was an error. When I asked, it had two collapsible categories (sources and rulebooks), and both categories had identical listings. Here’s a mockup of what I saw: