What's your favorite Ancestry and or Class

Like it says on the tin what’s your favorite Ancestry and or Class. Feel free to go into detail on why it’s your favorite as well. I’ll start us off but fair warning I’ve yet to actually play PF so my opinion is solely based on what I’ve read in the books and not actually playing them. Now with that out of the way my favorites have to be goblins with one of the elemental heritages and then my favorite class has to be the psychic.


I’m going Gnome for the ancestry as I find them very versatile. They have lots of sneaky things and playful illusion magic. Most importantly, I love making silly gnome voices, so there’s that. As for class I’m divided between the Summoner and the Magus. On the one hand, the Magus is super fun in combat. The combination between martial abilities and magical ones feels super appropriate for the world and you can come up with lots of fun tactics. On the other hand, Summons, they are like animal companions but weirder. What else could you ask for?

Alchemist, just adaptible and devastating if given the chance to craft some stock up with proper crafting in addition to the daily preparations.
Ancestrywise, possibly Fetchling.

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I’ve always played something similar to the Fighter class, and I can’t say that will ever change. I just really like the mental image of the strong soldier in a high fantasy realm, relying on wits and physicality when others have magic.

Ancestry: Ratfolk. They’re just cute.

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