When will character building be deployed/available?

I’m new to pathfinder, and having difficulty building and leveling my character. Having a character builder helped me get comfortable with 5e, when is the pathfinder character builder going to be available?

Welcome to the forums! They just announced closed alpha at the end of November here:


You might get into that if you pay for a membership, but they haven’t said much around all this yet. I wouldn’t expect to see a beta or full release until next year though.

Have you tried Pathbuider2e for now? It’s probably the best, mostly free, tool for building characters right now until Nexus drops.

That does seem to be a mostly good tool. Though, we are playing 1e. I had to confirm with the DM just now. Is there a tool like that for 1e?

Yeah Pathbuilder 1e is an App though as far as I know, not a web tool like the 2e version.

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Thanks sbc_gm for hopping in with the answers and resources!

I’ll corroborate that yes, we expect to start the closed alpha testing for our character builder at the end of November. We don’t have a timeline for when that will move to open beta, but we expect that our alpha test will include folks who are actively using Pathfinder NEXUS and have purchased a Membership and/or some books, and are helping us fine tune things here in Early Access. :slight_smile:

As of this time, we are only supporting Pathfinder 2e, so if you’re looking for a 1e tool, your best bet is going to be the one that sbc_gm shared.

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