Why Demiplane?

Ok, so I just got the e-mail announcing 5e Nexus. Not sure how I got on the mailing list, but well, here I am.

With 5E being sunset in my group (and all future roadmaps) I didn’t bother taking any more time to look at 5e Nexus.

We do play several other systems (pf2e, RED, Gamma World,…) so we’re not abandoning the hobby or anything, but even then I’m not sure where this would fit in.

  • We’re moving/moved to Foundry from Roll20 for VTT.
  • Migrating all fantasy game plans to PF2E.
  • Discord remains the voice/video/forum solution.

Where exactly does Demiplane fit, or is this simply us passing in the night?

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Demiplane has fantastic resources for PF2e. All the rules are available freely of course, but any books you buy on Demiplane, you also get the PDF for free on Paizo. The best thing about Demiplane though is stuff gets hyperlinked so you can mouse over things to read stuff easier etc. It is still early days so not all the features are there yet, but it is coming along nicely!


Plus for my group the ability to share what you own is amazing. All you need os the subscription to demiplane and everything you own is shared with up to 24 other people. When a book costs 35 dollars, it works out as 7 dollars per person with my group size and its a great investment. Means we can all have the books to read through.

Technically it’s not for free. The pdf is your license that allows you to purchase content on Demiplane and as such if you don’t already own the pdf then the purchase process within Demiplane includes the cost with purchasing the pdf. It’s a great deal though since it works out cheaper.

I play Pathfinder 2e. I was a little curious how Demiplane would compare to my PDFs. (All digital DM).

I think the hyperlinking and everything connected is insanely useful. Additionally, I mostly play with either new players or people who really vibes with D&DBeyond.

While it’s not a one to one experience, I’m already in love. I tested the waters the first night with the Core Rulebook, fell in love, and got the Gamemastery Guide and Advanced Players Handbook within the next 12 hours.

If you own any of the PDFs and you want to give it a try, I might suggest buying a book you already own and seeing how/if you like it. It’s some amount of cost, but it will at least allow you to get a feel for the system before fully buying in.