Why do I keep getting recruited?

Why do I keep getting recruited? I keep ending up in PAID games that I have not signed up for. What the heck is going on? Is the security on this site crud and my account has been hacked multiple times, or is there really nothing stopping people from arbitrarily declaring “that person is one of my players” or something of that sort?

Hello @ravingdork - it looks like you have recruitment enabled on your account. You can disable recruitment if you desire to do so (click your profile picture in the top nav > My Profile > Player Recruitment > Disable Recruitment)

You can also only be recruited for no cost adventures, so if you still wish to have the recruitment option activated but not for paid games, you can (screenshot below).

Finally, you are never just recruited directly into a paid game. You are recruited into the Demiplane portal where you can chat up the GM, but must accept or decline whether to join that portal - just like any other Demiplane. We have a “two key turn” system in place to make sure no one is charging or being charged without accepting it directly.

Hopefully that clarifies how it works…let us know if you have any other questions. Thanks!

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Thank you for the clarification!

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